20 Ways to Help Brookline

20 Ways to Help Brookline Lab Rescue for its

20th Anniversary!


Since the Labrador Retriever is the most popular dog, you may be interested in helping our rescue because of your love of this breed. But maybe you don’t have the extra hours in your day to volunteer on a regular basis.

You could donate money to our Rescue and that would be wonderful, but we know that many of you may be on a budget and don’t have much to spare.  That’s okay!  There are other ways you can easily help our Rescue.


  1. Shop at smile.amazon.com and designate Brookline Labrador Retriever Rescue as your favorite charity.  Shop as you would on Amazon.com and Brookline will receive a percentage of your purchase price.
  2. Shop through igive.com and choose Brookline Labrador Retriever Rescue as your designated charity.  You can shop over 1,700 online stores and Brookline will benefit from your shopping purchases.
  3. Visit us at one of the many events we participate in and shop at our booth for handmade toys and other items for your favorite dog or cat.

Spread the word

  1. Hang up fliers asking for volunteers and/or foster homes for our Rescue in pet stores, vet offices, community bulletin boards, parks and other places. Distributing fliers and other marketing materials is an easy and important way to get the word out about our Rescue’s need for more volunteers and foster homes.
  2. Share adoption profiles and upcoming events on social media: Your Facebook timeline, Twitter stream, Pinterest board, Tumblr page, and other social media accounts are all perfect ways to help advertise dogs that are in need of a home as well as upcoming events where our Rescue will be selling items to raise money for our Rescue.  This also lets potential adopters know which dogs will be present at which events.  Simply sharing Brookline’s posts with your followers takes hardly any time or effort yet could play a part in creating the perfect match for a dog in need of a forever family or helping to raise needed funds for our Rescue.
  3. Transport dogs: Have a car? Our foster homes are spread out throughout New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware and there are times when a dog needs to be transported many miles to reach its foster home. Joining our Rescue as a transport volunteer and donating a little of your time and your driving skills will help our dogs get to our foster homes where they can start a new journey to get ready for adoption.

Gathering supplies

  1. Visit smile.amazon.com to shop for items on our Brookline Lab Rescue’s wish list for our foster dogs. (https://smile.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist/?ie=UTF8&cid=AQIPUNDZL6193)
  2. Scan Craig’s List, Freecycle, eBay and other resources for items being sold or given away, and collect them to donate to our Rescue.
  3. Call office supply stores to see if there are items they are willing to donate, such as printer paper, ink, envelopes and other items that our Rescue might need.

Bust out your special talents:

  1. Crafty folks: Sew up “Adopt Me” vests and bandannas for adoptable animals to wear while they’re out for walks or at events.
  2. Dog trainers: You can help our Rescue by volunteering your skills as a trainer and working with our dogs. Or, if you have experience with dog behavior, volunteer to do behavior evaluations for new arrivals and help the Rescue determine each animal’s personality, social skill level, find any triggers for behavior problems, and other important information that’s needed for determining how adoptable an animal is or what kind of home they need to thrive.
  3. Writers: We do a lot of writing. We need foster blogs written, pet finder adoption profiles for each dog, newsletters, ads for events and fundraisers, and grant applications. Your skills as a writer could make all the difference for our Rescue’s success.
  4. Social media experts:Social media is a must for getting the word out on adoptable dogs. Our Rescue needs to post updates constantly on who is looking for a new home, who was adopted out successfully (everyone loves hearing success stories!) and requests for much needed donations. If you are skilled with the etiquette and best practices for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other platforms, including skills for writing and scheduling updates, we could use your help.
  5. Design experts: Fliers catch people’s eyes whether on paper hanging in a vet’s office or on social media.  Do you have an eye for the right design for fliers?  If so, we have a job for you!
  6. Foster a dog: This may not fall under the category of easy things to do, but it can save a dog in a shelter and make space for another dog.  Opening your home to an animal in need and providing the food, shelter, love and training it needs while waiting for a forever home is one of the best things you can do to help. It can also be one of the most fulfilling.

Fun fundraising ideas:

  1. Walk your Dog:  Download the Walk for a Dog by WoofTrax App to your phone, designate Brookline Lab Rescue as your charity, and while you walk your dog, each mile adds money to our treasury.
  2. Your birthday:Birthdays are the perfect way to gather donations for our Rescue.  Ask your friends on Facebook to donate to our Rescue for your birthday.  Have your kids participate in Brookline’s Birthday Club.  Have a birthday party and ask those attending to bring a gift for our Rescue instead of or in addition to a present for you.  Better yet, host the birthday party at a dog park so your furry friends can be included!
  3. Your wedding:With all the work that goes into planning a wedding, wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t have to shop for wedding favors?  We all know what happens to wedding favors – they sit in a drawer for years gathering dust. Please consider making a donation to Brookline instead of purchasing favors for your guests. We will provide you with cards that you can display for your guests acknowledging your donation and your special day. Your guests will appreciate your community spirit and your special day will be that much brighter knowing that you’ve helped us to save more Labs.
  4. At work:Put up a glass jar with a sign on your desk or countertop, and send out an email to coworkers asking for donations for a week. Or take it a step further by organizing a supplies donation drive, bake sale, raffle, or other fundraising drive for a week or more.
  5. Talk about us: Last but not least, talk about Brookline Lab Rescue!  If you are happy with your experience with our Rescue, let us know on social media and spread the news to your friends and followers so that we can attract more people to adopt from our Rescue and allow us to help save more labs in need!