July 26, 2017


Abby came to live with us in the middle of June. She is around 6 years old and had been a breeder mom on a farm all of her life. It appears that she had been an outdoor dog, never having known the comforts of a warm, loving home. When she came to us she was both whipworm and lyme positive with several bald spots on her beautiful chocolate furry body. Both of her ears are shriveled due to untreated hematomas from continuously scratching at them.
She is now whipworm free and has almost regrown all of her missing fur patches. Her ears, though they will always remain shriveled, are well maintained and covered with a soft, silky chocolate fur.

Although she is still lyme positive she is currently taking doxycycline, which is a common antibiotic given to treat lyme disease in humans and animals. Since it is unknown how long she has had the disease she will need to be retested in early February 2018 to check her levels. If her levels were found too high she would require another round of antibiotics, which cost around $60.00. Since I have only known Abby for a short time now I can only tell you that it does not appear to impede her mobility at all. Now that all of her health information is disclosed, let me tell you a little bit about Abby.

She is a sweet and adoring loveable lab. She absolutely loves her humans, as most breeder moms do. She is very easy to walk and never pulls, but we are currently working on some leash training as Abby tends to circle her walker. Abby loves the outdoors. She could literally go back and forth from a shady spot to a sunny spot for hours. She is housebroken and crate trained. When we leave the house and at night she sleeps in her crate. She currently lives with another dog and two children. We have people of all ages from a toddler to an elderly man with a walker visit and she loves all visitors. On walks and in the yard she is not prey driven at all and loves to meet new dog friends. We have currently been experiencing some anxiousness with oven and microwave beeping. She seems to become frightened when she hears that tone. To curb this we take her outside when someone is  going to use the microwave or preheat the oven, which seems to be helping. Abby is really a sweet, gentle girl who deserves a loving home with people who will treat

her as a member of their family.