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April 9, 2017

Hi there! Apollo checking in. It has been a little while since I updated you on how I am doing. My FM says I am looking gorgeous! I am filling out nicely since I have had regular meals consistently for the past two months. Check out my new pictures to see how much I have changed since I became part of the Brookline family!

Overall, I am doing well. I am getting stronger and going for short walks with FM. I run around the backyard with the other two dogs and have joined them in their welcoming barks to our neighbors and their dogs when they walk by our fence. But between you and me, FM is not too happy I have learned this lovely new habit from my fur brothers! My foster grandpa also stayed with us for almost a week and I did really well. I would go up to him for pets all the time. Not to brag but he said I have gorgeous eyes and that I am very sweet!

I wasn’t all that thrilled with the snow we got a few weeks ago. It was icy and slippery in my backyard. I kept slipping a lot and when I went outside I headed straight for my human sister’s trampoline for cover! FM also learned this past week that I am not a big fan of thunderstorms either. The lightning and thunder both scare me and I start pacing, panting a lot and shaking. I also stick to FM like glue during them trying to bury my head in her belly. It obviously didn’t work, but she tried to make me feel safe by petting me and keeping me close to her.

I am still having a little trouble with peeing in the house. I have between one to three accidents a week. I am going to go back to the vet for a recheck soon and FM will find out then if there is something we can do to help me with this small problem. FM says I am doing much better than I did when I first got to her house and that I haven’t had any accidents at night, but that might also be because FM gets up with me and lets me outside as soon as she hears me start to pace in the middle of the night.

Will check back in soon!




March 8, 2017

Apollo here! So, it has been a few weeks since I checked in and I am doing fabulous! I went to the vet earlier this week and I have gained a little under 10 pounds! Yay! I weighed in at 59.8 pounds which is great! I still have some weakness and residual anemia but my parasites are gone and I am much stronger on my feet. FM and FD say that I have so much more life in my eyes now than I did when I first got here. I did find out while I was at the vet that I have one of the tick-borne diseases Ehrlichiosis, but I just need to take doxycycline for 28 days and that should take care of it. I am still having some accidents in the house, but they are not as frequent as they were, and the leaking while I am sleeping is also improving. FM talked to the vet about it and she said that we just need to give me some time and see if it continues to improve. They did run a test on my pee to make sure that I didn’t have an infection but it came back normal so that is good!

My fur brothers and I are still getting along well. I do get annoyed with Scooby every once again when he runs into me, but FM says that he does that because he is blind and can’t see me. My energy level is improving too! FM saw me chase a squirrel in the backyard the other day and when I get super excited I bounce up and down like an energizer bunny and prance around! I am still not really playing with any of the dog toys in the house. I will pick up the antler or the nylabone to chew on every now again. But, no tug for now or chasing balls which both my fur brothers love to do.

I am really starting to trust my foster family, especially FM. I follow her around everywhere and am pretty much velcroed to her. I am not too keen on going in my crate when they leave the house but they coax me in with some treats and a bully stick. FM also puts on some music so I don’t get lonely. I sleep in FM and FD’s bedroom at night with the door shut, so at least I don’t have to go in the crate at night too! I am pretty well behaved and don’t get into anything unless it is food in the kitchen! I will need some work on basic commands. I know SIT very well and FM and FD are working with me on the WAIT command. I do pull on the leash quite a bit so we will need to work on that especially as I continue to gain weight and get stronger. I will check back in with you soon and let you know how I am doing.

February 17, 2017

Hi! Guess what? My foster family decided to change my name because I didn’t seem to recognize Carson and they didn’t think the name fit me. They decided to name me Apollo after the Greek god of health and medicine. My human brother came up with that one! I am digging the name especially since FM keeps saying it and then giving me yummy treats when I look up at her.

I met my foster fur brothers, Scooby and Zippy (also Brookline alums!) tonight in our backyard for the first time. We had to be kept separate for a few days to make sure that I wasn’t coughing so that the other two dogs wouldn’t get sick. I think it was a little crazy for FM, so she was especially happy to have all three of us dogs together! The meet and greet went great both outside and inside and we all get along well. I am not real into playing right now since I am still pretty weak and unsteady, so it will be a little while before I can really hang with them.

I am eating really well. FM puts a scoop of pumpkin and cottage cheese in my food which makes it taste really good so I gobble it down right away. I am a champion beggar in the kitchen and do try to counter surf. I am also having a few peeing accidents in the house, and FM suspects that is because I have been able to go whenever and wherever I want for so long on the streets that I have to get used to being in the house where I can’t go when I want. My overall weakness and lack of muscle tone may also not be helping me because I leak a few drops while I am sleeping too. I am still a little nervous and shy around my foster family. I am getting a little more comfortable each day. FM thinks I just need some time to get more comfortable and to start to trust all of them. I will check back in later!

February 15, 2017

 Hi there, Carson(now Apollow) here! I am a lovable 7-year-old chocolate lab mix who joined the Brookline Lab Rescue family today. I am a real sweetheart who is good with other dogs and good with kids. Here’s a little bit of my story, I was a stray who was picked up by animal control in Camden NJ and taken to the Camden County Animal Shelter. I was severely malnourished and extremely underweight when I arrived. The shelter contacted Brookline to try to find a good home for me as they knew I would not do so well in the shelter. I stayed at the shelter for about 10 days where I was finally out of the cold, fed regularly, and given vaccines and medicines.

I met my foster family today and when my new foster mom met me for the first time she nearly broke down in tears at how underweight and weak I was. I was really unsteady on my feet and had some trouble managing steps at first. It was also really painful for me to lay down too. The whole trip from the shelter to my new foster family exhausted me and I fell asleep within a half hour of arriving at my new home even with my foster fur brothers barking like crazy wanting to visit with me. Because the shelter had diagnosed me with a mild case of kennel cough a few days before I headed to my new foster home I had to stay completely separated from my new fur brothers for a few days.

My FM took me to the vet tonight to get me checked out. We found out that not only was I suffering from the effects of the starvation but I also had parasites inside (tapeworms) and out (fleas) that were making me weaker too. The vet folks gave me a wonderful soothing bath to help with the flea infestation and gave me an oral flea pill to immediately kill the fleas. I felt like I was at the spa! The vet sent FM home with more doxycycline for the kennel cough, flea meds, and tapeworm meds to help me finally get rid of all of my unwelcome guests and get me on the road to recovery. That is all for now! I will check back in soon!



For more information on Apollo, contact tbusse23@gmail.com

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