Astro, 2 year old yellow lab

October 11, 2017

Hi, it’s Astro here with an update of my activities for the past 1 1/2 weeks.

Last week I was on vacation at the Good Dog Kennel and Doggie Day care with Aunt Helen and her helpers. I got to be around other Dogs but only on a leash because I’m not socialized enough to be on my own. I’m good around people and kids but just get too excited around my fellow canines and felines. I didn’t have any accidents in my kennel and now that I’m back with FD and FM I’m on a feeding and pottying schedule that is working great- no accidents in the house!

Somewhere along the line I think I got Fleas and I’m scratching like crazy. It all started when I came home from vacation at the kennel but FD is taking me to the vet  this afternoon. I like the vet and I know he will stop the itching.

I’ve been helping FD and FM sort household things for a friend that had to move away. It’s really a neat job and all those new sniffs, WOW!

I’ve been getting a lot of walking in the rain and RIG Riding. That’s what FD calls his Truck. I really like to ride. When I first met FD I didn’t know how to get into the truck. But he helped me the first couple times and now I get in with a single bound. Boy is it ever fun for a puppy dog.

FD told me I went up on the Brookline site today for adoption. It hardly seems possible. It’s been almost 4 weeks that I have been with Brookline and my Foster Family. I really like them but I know there are other dogs who need to be Fostered and since that’s what FD does I need to move on. But he assures me that new families are carefully chosen and I’ll have a good life with my forever home. I’m really excited!!!


September 25, 2017

I got to go on that road trip! I got to see a crowd of people; adults, children and other dogs at FD’s daughter’s low country boil in Virginia. This cute picture of me is with FD’s grand daughter and friends! I loved them!

Foster dad said I did pretty well with all the people and kids! Except for the occasional playful lunge I handled people well. I like being pet and I’m always very gentle when taking a treat.

I also met other dogs.  Hm. I don’t think I’ve ever met another dog before! I didn’t really know what to do or how to play nice so FD said I seemed a little aggressive even though he thinks it was all playful. FD is really awesome and says he will work on socializing me with other dogs.  There’s always a learning curve.

FD says I am having “grand days”- I think he’s right. This is the life!

September 23, 2017

Foster dad says I’ve had a wonderful week! I e visited with his 91 year young mother and she gave me- get this! A Gold Star. I was a perfect gentleman and hung out with her while FD mowed her grass.. I also learned to play with a dog toy. I never had a toy before! It was so fun! I learned to fetch and actually retrieved the toy surrendering it for a treat. FD was SO proud!  He says I learn really quickly.

I had a lot of truck time the last 2 days and really like to ride. FD says we are going on road trip and an overnight at his daughter’s house in Virginia! That sounds fun! I love people!
Don’t judge me, but I’m still having some issues with house breaking but am making major progress!  Foster dad says… at the risk of repeating himself (whatever that means!) “He really is a good dog”. I sure am enjoying foster life!

September 21, 2017

Hi Brookline Friends!

I’m Astro, a 2 year old yellow male who came to BLLR as an owner surrender! So far, life with Brookilne is good: I’m quite lucky because my foster dad, Tom, and foster mom, Deb, are treating me so well already! They say I did great on the ride to their home home in FD’s truck and when I got there, I definitely needed a bath- I didn’t mind the water at all!  Also- word on the street is those loud noises I heard were local dove hunters and they didn’t even scare me! I’m so brave!


Guess what? Foster dad let me hang out with him in his man cave! Then I got to sleep in his bedroom. I was a little restless the first night, but then I did settle down! After we got up the next morning, we got to go on a walk to a stream! I liked to walk in the water but didn’t go all the way in- foster dad said something about ducks sometimes being in the water! Those sound fun! After our walk, I got to hang out with foster dad just laying down. Foster mom likes me too, even though foster dad is more the dog person. So I MUST be a great guy!

Some other things about me: I sit on command, even when I am excited for a walk as FD gets my leash on and off (hint: this goes better with a treat!) I am trying to pull less on FD as we walk on the leash and I think he’s trying to tell me to stay right next to him when he says “side”. I keep improving with that! Foster dad says I will learn heel next- what’s heel? I am still working on learning to go outside every time I have to go potty, but I’m making good progress.

I’m a lovey, affectionate, really nice dog. FD says I have “great potential”!

Stay tuned for more adventures!


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