Ava Grace

 Ava Grace, 15 months spayed female,  AVAILABLE


Ava has been with us for 3 weeks now, and is really settling in.  She continues to love taking walks, toys (look at those pictures!), and playing in the yard.  She has even lost about 5 pounds so far.  Ava is a really sweet dog, that just loves everybody.  She does great meeting other dogs out on our walks.  She has also been getting better with her leash behavior, but could still use some improvement there.  She is still working on her puppy behaviors.


Ava has been behaving well in the house too.  She is crate trained, but does fine with free roam during the day while I am working elsewhere in the house.  We have also left her out when we are not home a few times, and she has done fine.

We are still working on her jumping from excitement at meeting new people.  That is something that her new family will need to continue to work.

Ava will make a wonderful addition to an active family that is willing to give her lots of exercise, and to continue working on her training.  She is available for adoption now, and is waiting (almost!) patiently.


Ava has been with us for a week now, and continues to be a sweetheart.  She had a big weekend.  First she spent 2 days visiting at another foster house, where they have 3 dogs, and did fine there.  She seemed quite excited meeting other dogs (though could use some work reading signals).  So a house with other dogs, at least friendly and active ones, should be fine.

Ava also met our daughter today, and really liked her!  Our daughter was having a wonderful time working on teaching her new things, and just playing with her.  Ava loves to play, and also loves getting belly rubs.  I think she will have a wonderful time in a house with kids to romp around with (as long as they are not too little, since this is a big puppy, and still sometimes gets jumpy when excited!)

Look for Ava to be made available for adoption this week.


Introducing Ava.  She is a sweet girl who is 15 months old.   Her owner sadly had to give her up due to health issues.

Ava has been in her foster home for a few days now, and really settled in quickly.   She has been getting lots of exercise (she loves walks, and running around in the yard playing fetch) to help her lose some weight.  The puppy in her really comes out when the leash goes on!  In the house, she is calm and well behaved, though she does get excited when new people come in, and will jump up at first (we are working on that).

Ava is very friendly to everyone.  She does not have much exposure to other dogs, but will be getting some soon, so more to come on that.  On walks, she is fine passing other dogs on leash, and is not bothered by dogs barking from a house.  She also is fine with passing cars and people.  She does like to pull at first (and is quite strong) so you get a bit of a workout walking her.

Ava rides nicely in the car, and is crate trained, and sleeps quietly through the night.

Due to her size and jumping when excited, Ava probably would do best in a home without small children that could get knocked over.  She also should have an active family that will get her plenty of exercise (and play time) to keep her in good shape.

Check back in for updates, and Ava should hopefully be available for adoption soon.

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