Blaze, 12 year old yellow male

April 8, 2017

10 year old Blaze is doing wonderfully and it’s with happy tears that his foster mom says he is ready to be adopted.  Blaze is a fun and smart dog who is living with several other dogs in his foster home.  He likes to think he is in charge, but he does well with all the dogs; he’s even tolerant of an obnoxious shepherd.  Blaze may be blind but he doesn’t let that hamper him one bit.  Blaze is great on a leash and loves to go for walks and he could mosey at a leisurely pace all day long if you let him.  However he’s just as happy hanging out on the sofa cuddling with both his four and two legged admirers!  He’s good in the car and manages steps and curbs with finesse.  Blaze is not destructive and fine to leave alone but he might bark some at first, so he might not be the best candidate for apartment living.  Like many older labs he has some fatty lumps.  Blaze knows plenty of commands including, sit, lie down and shake.

Blaze’s foster mom has worked hard to help Blaze lose some weight (he lost 40 pounds!!) and Blaze’s diabetes in now under control and stable.  Contrary to what you might think, the medicine to keep his sugar levels even is not that expensive, and his foster mom will make sure his adoptive family will know how to care for him.  He won’t be placed with small kids because of his blindness.
If you think you might be a great fit or have questions, please contact

November 20, 2016

img_2265Blaze is just waiting to see the eye doctor and then he will be made available. He is 10, blind and insulin dependent. His blood sugars are very stable, he takes insulin twice a day. He doesn’t react at all to the shots. When his sugar is running high, he attention barks, seems agitated and drinks tons. This happens when he eats things he shouldn’t. I have a multi dog household and didn’t realize another dog had been vomiting, Blaze was on top of things keeping everything cleaned up-yuck…..Parker stopped vomiting and Blazes sugars are back to normal.
His ideal home is with someone willing to give him insulin and monitor his diet. They will need to learn about diabetes, it’s a very manageable disease. Blaze
Has lost 31 lbs, he looks and feels great. He loves belly rubs, laying on the sofa, slow walks,
Bully sticks and being with his people. Since his health has improved he is interested in things that squeak so he has a tiny prey drive. I don’t think he could ever catch another animal but to be safe, cats and dogs are fine but no critters that squeak repeatedly. No little kids that will knock him over. His blindness is not an issue for Blaze and he learns stairs very well but his new family must commit to taking their time with him, using baby gates and using voice commands and a leash to keep him safe. He’s a wonderful, loving companion with lots of PEP still in his step.

September 8, 2016

img_0747Blaze is doing wonderfully.  His weight loss continues, he’s down to 84 lbs from 110.  He’s got a bit further to go.  His blood sugars are improving although he still runs in the 200’s and we want him 130-160.  He did give me a scare the other week.  His breath suddenly smelled like nail polish remover and his blood sugars were unexplainably high.  Acetone breath usually is bad news with diabetics.  The vet confirmed the smell img_0748and ran some tests.  Blaze was very fortunate it was just a urinary tract infection and after some antibiotics his breath is much improved.
He still needs to see an eye specialist, but is a fantastic dog, very smart and always willing.  He is great in the house, not destructive, 100% potty trained and rings the doggie doorbells to go out.  He will be looking for a home that can give him healthy diabetic food, give him his insulin shot twice
a day,  not tons of steps, (for safety reasons, he is fine going up and down steps) leashed walks, tons of love and especially belly rubs.

July 29, 2016

Blaze is doing great with his weight loss and diabetes management.  He will be available soon.  His ideal home would be with someone who would give him belly rubs 24/7. Second best is with any family that would understand he will never be an agility dog.  He is a snuggler who won’t walk further then a block or two without encouragement. He is on a diabetic diet and gets insulin 2x/day. He needs his meals 12 hrs apart.  He’s blind but does great with my 4 steps, and negotiates well with the small, medium and large dogs here.  He loves our cat.  This video is his duet with Peanut.  She convinced him she’s a 75 lb yellow lab. I don’t have the heart to set him straight.

June 26, 2016

4DBE6126-CF9C-4DD6-82C6-675BBF8B2C9FBlaze came to Brookline when his owner was moving far away and thought it would be too hard on this senior fellow.    It was a very difficult decision but they knew Brookline would find him an awesome home for his golden years.  Blaze is roughly 11 years old and is diabetic and blind.  He could also stand to lose a few pounds.  Here’s what his foster mom has to say:

Blaze has been with us about 10 days. He was pretty stressed at first but settled in just a few days. He is one of the smartest dogs we have ever met. I swear he speaks English. Although completely blind, he navigates our downstairs and all of the other dogs here beautifully. His weight loss is going well as is his shedding. His blood sugars are lower then when he first came and his insulin dose is already cut in half. Thank you Carolyn for sending the best care packages. He already fits in his new harness and to Dee who sent him a beautiful bandana and kennel blanket that he can take with him to his new home.

While he is loosing weight and his insulin needs to be adjusted, he needs to be with 7770422F-2FF7-4D64-A84A-6ACEDC07B74Csomeone who can be around to keep an eye on him. I’m hoping to make him available soon and lessen the requirements once his weight and blood sugars are stable. He’s perfect for anyone looking for a loving companion. But they can’t have many stairs. He’s stoic about having his blood checked and doesn’t even notice the injections. He and Zippy both prefer to lie in the pool when there is no water in it. This series of pics was Blaze voicing his concern that it was getting late and I hadn’t started dinner yet. He’s also been practicing the Jack McGee Head Tilt. That move landed Jack the best home ever. I’m hoping it will bring Blaze the same luck.

Stay tuned for updates on this handsome fella.