April 18, 2017

Do you want a snuggle-bug? Would you like a walking partner? Do you need some practice throwing a ball? Then Brandi is the girl for you!

Brandi is a golden-colored lab mix who has had a series of homes through no fault of her own. She was adopted from a rescue when she was about 6 yrs. old, where she had been brought in as a stray. She and her adopter had a very special bond, and spent countless hours enjoying each other’s company. Unfortunately, he had to go into a nursing home, which left Brandi, once again, homeless.

Her foster family adored her and described her as the perfect homebody, loving nothing more than to hang out with her people, both big and small. But then some major health issues within the family developed, and they didn’t have the time to spend with her, so she was, yet again, homeless.

Poor Brandi has been hanging out in a kennel, waiting for her forever home!

Brandi is about 9 years young, very healthy for her age with just a touch of arthritis, and loves, loves, loves her people! She loves to go for walks, play ball and then end the day snuggling in your lap. She is fine with free roam, greets visitors very politely, and rarely barks. She is truly the perfect companion.

Her only requirement is that she be an ONLY dog. She is not fond of other dogs, and much prefers being the queen of the castle. And after all she has been through, she is allowed to be a bit demanding!!!

So if you want a sweet, affectionate, easygoing companion, Brandi is waiting for you!  For more information on Brandi, please contact

February 7, 2017

brandi pic 2Brandi is as happy as can be now that we had a foster home open up.  She is currently living with her foster mom and dad as well as two teenagers in a nice house with a back yard and is loving all the attention.  Indeed she is a very affectionate, eager-to-please dog.   All kinds of people make her happy, whether she meets them on her walks or in our home.  Most of the time, she is content to lie about, especially in front of our wood-burning stove.  But occasionally the desire to get up and move possesses her, and she enjoys a brisk walk and a short romp in the back yard.    While she was living with her previous owner, she was only fed people food and didn’t go for walks, which resulted in her putting on a
lot of extra weight.  Although the vet says she’s now at a much healthier weight, we’re still working on getting some more weight off to make it easier for her to move around as she’s got a bit of arthritis in her back legs.  Going up and down the stairs is not easy for her, but in the past few days, she’s been taking it upon herself to climb the stairs, looking for company.  We’re really happy about that!

Overall, Brandi is just about the easiest, most pleasant dog you can  imagine.  She rarely Brandi picbarks (only once at another person – a mailman on our walk, and if she sees dogs out the window).  She isn’t a chewer.  She (mostly) stays off of couches and (mostly) obeys when you want her to move out of a certain space.   We’ve never witnessed any kind of
aggression towards people or any insecurities that we have to worry about.   She’s happy to receive attention but isn’t very demanding about receiving it.

So far, we’ve determined that Brandi would prefer to be an only dog as she is quite reactive  (barking and some growling) when she sees them out on walks.  We’re working on re-directing her and getting her more used to seeing other dogs. While we don’t know how she’d be with cats, it would be safer to place her in a cat-free home

Brandi is finishing up meds for a UTI and she has had a few in the past. But we’re hoping that with her new exercise regiment to continue the weight loss and hew new good diet that these infections will be a thing of the past.  Once she’s been given a clean bill of health she’ll be available for adoption!  In the mean time her foster family is enjoying her immensely.  Please stay tuned for updates.


Brandi at play!




December 26, 2016

Brandi is an incredibly sweet girl who was taken into our rescue when her dad had to move into a nursing home. She is a 9-year- old Lab mix, but she is very spunky for a girl her age. Brandi is very affectionate and as soon as she meets you she will roll over to have her belly rubbed. She is very gentle, friendly and playful. She loves playing with tennis balls and dog toys and just cuddling with her people. She is good walking on a leash. Brandi would prefer to be the only dog living in her household. She is completely housebroken. Brandi gets along very well with kids (age 5 and older) but she has not been exposed to babies and toddlers.20161208_153701