Buddy, 11 year old yellow mix

January 25, 20178


I am Buddy’s FM.  I am writing this update to his blog.  He is busy enjoying his favorite blanket and the post food calm.

Buddy is so very handsome; I just smile whenever I look at him.  His eyes are like


liquid pools of wisdom.  He loves to just “be”.  He also loves to play tug-of-war and fetch, and he runs around the yard like a much younger lab, keeping up with our other two labs.  He is definitely part of the “pack.”  We love him so very much, but I am praying that he will find his forever home soon.  He deserves to have a person or a family of his own.  He deserves someone who will talk to him and confide in him, someone who will give him all the love that he reflects back in those big, gorgeous brown eyes!  He has become such a beautiful being, and he is so willing to love and to be loved!  As his FM, I am so very proud of him, and I will miss him dearly!  But there are more sweet souls out there that need to be rescued, and I want to be able to help another one.


November 30, 2017

Hi everybody!  I just wanted to check in and let you know that I am still here!  I LOVE my Foster Mom and my Foster Dad, and my fur brothers are great to play around with.  I am really happy here, but my FM says that I need my own person to take care of and love completely.

You see, Camo, one of my fur brothers, is crazy competitive for attention, especially from FM.  If she is petting me or scratching my stomach (Ahhhhh…so good!) he comes over and pushes me out of the way.  Cam

o wants all of her attention on him.  If my FD is telling me what a good dog I am and petting me, Ozzie comes over to take THAT attention.  In the house, that is the way it is- FM belongs to Camo, and FD belongs to Ozzie.  I NEED SOMEONE FOR ME <3 Nobody needs me to take care of them, and I would LOVE to have a special person to take care of, someone to be MY person.  We could play fetch and tug of war.  I could love them and watch over them.  They could scratch my back and pet me.  We could go on walks together.

I love my FM and my FD and my fur brothers.  BUT, someone out there needs me, I just know it.  If you need love and companionship and someone to share walks and life with, maybe YOU are the person I’m looking for!


  November 27 

 This boy is so gentle and sweet, we are amazed at his temperament.  Buddy does not look like he has had a kind life, but you would not know that from his personality.  Just so calm and gentle in spite of his life and circumstances.

  Here is a link to his Petfinder posting:  https://www.petfinder.com/petdetail/39611680.

Buddy is a handsome male yellow lab/boxer mix, with really big soulful brown eyes that you could just fall into. He is neutered, approximately 11 years old, weighs 75 pounds, and is in excellent health. He is housetrained and has had free run of our house when we were home and when we have been away. He is presently living with 2 other labs, and a cat. He never even notices the cat. He likes everybody, and everybody likes him! 

Buddy sleeps on a dog bed in our bedroom at night. He is very gentle, and takes a treat from your hand easily. Buddy loves to be wherever we are, inside or out. He is calm, loving, and a real sweetheart! When outside he likes to lay in the sun. He loves to have his belly rubbed and neck scratched. He is a lab, so he loves all the attention he can get! 

Buddy is up to date on all of his vaccinations. He has arthritis in his hind legs, so he leans on his hip when he sits. He usually lays down if he is not standing. He likes his fur brothers, but I do not know if he has to have them around all the time. 

Buddy would make an ideal companion for an older person, but he will be happy wherever he is with love and attention. 

 September 1, 2017

Hello!  We have now had Buddy for 3 weeks.  12 days ago he was released from his bedroom and welcomed into the family.  What a wonderful day that was, for all of us!

Buddy’s fur is filling back in, and he is becoming a stocky looking fella.  Not from eating too much, though.  He is finally eating all dry food, and he is never full, never.  He is always hungry!  But he is selective.  He will not eat Milk Bones, but he likes Canine Carry Outs, which are semi-soft and come in beef and chicken.  He also likes Better ‘N Ears, which are slightly chewy.  We think that he does not like the Milk Bones because they are hard, and let’s face it, he is an older guy!  The Rimadyl is helping his arthritis, but his back legs are still bow legged.  He is done both antibiotics and he no longer takes Tramadol.

We have 3 large lab-sized dog beds in our bedroom, 1 on my side of the bed, 1 on Ray’s, and 1 at the bottom of the bed.  Ozzie usually sleeps on Ray’s side.  Buddy claims the bed on my side, and Camo tries tocamp out IN my spot on the bed.  When we are ready to go to sleep, I usually move Camo off the bed and onto the dog bed on my side.  However, Buddy will not give up his claim to it, so Camo and Buddy start the night sharing the one bed, as you can see in the picture.

Buddy is on the left, fully asleep.  Camo is on the left having just been removed from the bed, and he is not thrilled.  Sometimes Buddy will move to the bed at the end of the bed, sometimes he doesn’t.  Either way, we all get a good night’s sleep!

As soon as Buddy is fully back to himself, he is going to make someone a happy and handsome companion!


August 19, 2017

I am happy to report that Buddy seems much better today!  He received his Welcome Box a few days ago, but wasn’t really interested in it.  He now loves the tug of war and playing with the ball.  I bounce it off the bedroom wall, and he chases it and returns it to me.  I have no problem taking the ball out of his mouth.  He loves to just lay in the sun on our back deck.  He also loves one of us to be in the room with him.  He barks and moans because he is so lonely and just wants to join the family.  Tuesday is the big day!  Believe me, we are all looking forward to having him join us downstairs!  His fur seems to be growing back in at the base of his back, and he may have gained a few pounds.  (Ray cooks chicken for him and gives him fresh chicken and homemade rice.  He is starting to eat this, but he has to be encouraged to eat it and Ray has to stay with him.)  Buddy is still not really big on treats, although  tonight he ate some.  He does not like cheese or peanut butter, at least at this time.

Buddy is just as sweet as pie, and smart as a whip!  When his health issues are cleared up he is going to make someone a wonderful companion.  Oh, bonus- he is housetrained!


He is so much happier and I think that he just plain feels better!


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