Charlie, 4 year old black lab

September 18, 2017

Hi Brookline family and friends! I am absolutely loving life right now! I am getting along well with my fur brothers and have even started to play with them more. My favorite thing to do is to get the tennis ball in my mouth and run around in the backyard until either Zippy or Scooby starting chasing me! I absolutely love to play chase and even try it in the house around the dining room table, but FM isn’t too fond of the game inside since there are more things for my blind fur brother Scooby to run into when chasing me!

FM says I am the perfect dog…the right combination of labby personality and energy, love, and chillness except when I am on the leash. I pull quite a bit even with the EZ-walk harness. I am not unmanageable but FM says she hardly has any feeling left in her hand when we get back from our walks…oops, guess I have to work a bit on that!!! I do tend to bark when I hear a noise I am not used to or when I am asleep and hear someone coming into the house or the room I am in who wasn’t there before. FM says I sleep like the living dead. It takes FM and FD quite a few times of saying my name before I get up and head downstairs to go outside in the mornings.

I am eagerly awaiting my dermatology appointment next week. FM says my skin is looking better and better, but that we need to figure out what is causing me problems. I am off all of my allergy meds now for the appointment and I am licking and itching a bit more but not excessively. Wish me luck for next week!




August 31, 2017

Hello Brookline family and friends! My name is Charlie and I am a handsome and super sweet 4-year-old black lab. When the good folks at Brookline rescued me earlier this month I wasn’t up to date with my vaccines and my skin was a bit of a mess, so I stayed at Hopewell vet clinic at first to get me up to date with my shots and to help to get my skin a bit better under control. The Hopewell staff fell in love with me and took really good care of me. Several Brookline volunteers came to the clinic to walk me and give me some attention and love during my stay because it gets kind of lonely in a kennel. This was how I met my FM. She and the rest of the family came and walked me a few times and decided to bring me into their home to help me on my journey to find my forever family!

FM says I am one of the most well-behaved fosters she has had. I haven’t had an accident in the house and I have been with them for ten days now. I am even allowed free roam in the house at night and when FM goes out to run some errands and I don’t get into any trouble at all. I love to be glued to FM so I do get very excited and jump up when she comes back home after being gone. FM says it is so cute because I just jump up beside her and not up on her that she has a hard time telling me not to jump, which of course is all good to me! I am playful and silly and love to play with my toys and any ball I can find including my human brother’s soccer balls! I easily entertain myself with the toys and I love to play ball with my human family both inside and outside the house. FM says with my agility I would be a great Frisbee dog because I can jump really high!! I am also just as happy to plop down on the floor and take a nap while my foster family is busy doing other stuff.  As long as I am near them I am a content and happy guy.

I am good with both kids and dogs. I go up to my 10 and 15-year-old human siblings for pets and give them licks. I pretty much just coexist with my foster fur brothers. FM says introducing me to my fur brothers was one of the easiest introductions she has ever done. I pretty much didn’t react to them at all. A few sniffs and I was good. One of them tried to get me to rough-play with him but I wasn’t interested and just walked away from him.

My skin infections which FM found out included ringworm before I left Hopewell have improved from when I was first evaluated by Brookline, but I still need some more time to heal and to find out the exact cause of my skin problems. FM says I most likely have some allergies so I am going to go to a dermatologist at the end of the month to get tested and examine my areas of skin infection. In the meantime, FM feeds me a fish-based food and adds stuff like coconut oil to my food to help my skin. I already finished a round of antibiotics and I have to be off the steroids for four weeks and off antihistamines for two weeks before my appointment with the dermatologist. FM also gives me baths with a medicated shampoo twice a week to help the skin infection and ringworm.

Will update again later in the month after I go to the doctor…



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