April 19, 2017

  If you’re looking for a ball chasing, tail wagging bundle of energy, then I’m your girl!  I am a 10 month old youngster with a zest for life! Everyone says I am quite a “looker”, especially with my yellow eyes, and Dad describes me as quite an athlete – which I think is a compliment.  I know one thing – I love being with my people – large or small.  If you promise to let me run and play ball lots during the day, I promise to snuggle up with you at night. I am very smart and very food motivated (what Lab isn’t?), so very trainable.  I do need to learn a few manners – like not jumping up on people – but who can blame me?  I just want to be sure you SEE me! I’m a bit unsure around other dogs.  I have only met them at the dog park, but I am far more focused on playing ball than socializing with them, so I pretty much ignore them.  I’m not sure how I would feel about living with another dog. I am reliably trained on an invisible fence – see how smart I am?  However, I’m not much for leash walking, so you’ll need to work with me on that.  I am also crate trained, which is probably a good thing, as I might be tempted to help myself to a few things around the house while you are gone. I am a bit grabby with treats and between that and my jumping, I would probably not be good with young kids.  I would probably knock them over on my way to retrieve my ball! If you promise you’ll give me lots of exercise every day and teach me a few basic manners, then I promise to reward you by letting you rub my belly at night!  Let me know if you have room in your home and your heart for me. . . For more information on Charlie, please contact  

How It Works

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