Colin, 2 year old male black lab

October 24, 2017

Colin is now 2 weeks post his knee surgery. He had a vet visit today to have his sutures/staples removed. That means no more cone for Colin, yay!  He was such a good sport about it, but I always felt so bad putting it on him. Colin was the perfect patient at the vet today and allowed them to handle him without any fuss. What a good boy!

The vet was very pleased with his progress so far. Everything is healing well. He is still under restrictions, but he is now allowed to take short leash walks. We celebrated by doing just that. Colin loved being able to walk around the block. He loves his walks!
We have another vet visit in 4 more weeks. That will be 6 weeks into his 10 week recovery. At that point, we will discuss the possibility of surgery on his other knee.  I would love for him to not need the second surgery, but of course, we’ll do whatever is best for Colin.
Colin is doing well in foster care here. He continues to do all of his peeing and pooping outside. He still tries to tell us that it’s time to get up a half hour before the alarm goes off. We’re not quite sure why he believes 7am is perfect time to wake up, but after a few minutes of barking, he settles for the last 30 minutes of our sleep.
He is an alert barker and will let us know when the mail is being delivered with some barks or when the kids get out of school and walk by the house. He’s getting better about stopping when I acknowledge his alert. I think he will always be an alert barker. He makes a good watch dog, not a guard dog.  If someone actually approaches the wiggly butt, wagging tail and happy licks doesn’t really keep anyone away!  Gotta love a lab!

October 9, 2017

Colin has been with us for 3 weeks now and he continues to be an absolute sweetheart!  He’s just a big love.  His favorite things to do are snuggle with his people, get belly rubs, chew nylabones and antlers, and go for walks.  He is so cute when his harness comes out for walks.  He dances and wiggles and his excitement is so adorable to see!

Colin sleeps in his crate every night.  He runs right in for his treat.  He loves his treats!  He settles quickly and is snoozing away within a minute or two.  He does try to convince us to get up 30 minutes before the alarm is set to go off with a few barks.  When it doesn’t work, he goes back to sleep.  During the day, sometimes I find him napping in his crate.  It does have a very nice memory foam dog bed in there, so can’t say I blame him for that.  If he’s not in his crate, he’s often lounging on the couch.  He’s not a crazy, high energy lab.  He’s more playful when enticed by his foster fur-sister, but he’s quite content lounging about when his foster fur-sister is preoccupied with squirrel watching. He’s got a nice mix of playful, but settles well easily.

Colin hasn’t chewed anything except dog toys in the house.  Good boy Colin!  One time I found him relaxing in his crate.  I went over to give him a few belly rubs.  I noticed at that point that Colin had carried my flip flop in the crate with him.  He wasn’t chewing it or anything, more snuggling with it.  I had been in the other room and I think he just liked the scent.  What a love he is!

Colin has not had any potty accidents in the house either.  He’s done so well with his house training!  We have even left him with free roam for a few hours and came home to happy, wiggly Colin with no accidents.  Way to go Colin!!!  He does not signal to go out yet, but we take him out on a schedule and he’s doing fantastic with that.

Colin got to see the vet recently to have his back legs checked out.  The news was not great as Colin has luxating patellas (dislocated knees).  This will be remedied with surgery.  He is scheduled to have the surgery on 10/11/17.  He then has a 10 week recovery ahead of him.  He will need to be restricted, so no more playing with Pepper, his foster fur-sister for a while.  Once he’s healed, the vet believes he will be much more comfortable, as his knee will be fixed and he will be a healthy and happy boy!

For questions about Colin, please email

September 25, 2017

Hi everyone, it’s me Colin!  My foster mom and foster dad say I’m a gorgeous 2 year old black male lab.  I am neutered and up to date on all my vaccinations.  I came to live with my foster parents 2 days ago and things are going GREAT!

I have a foster fur-sister here named Pepper.  She only has 3 legs, but she’s teaching me how to play.  We get along really well.  I went to a doggy pool party this weekend.  While I did not partake in the actual pool part, I enjoyed hanging out nearby and getting lots of petting from the people.  Everyone said that my coat is so soft and shiny.  I think I was blushing a little over all the compliments!

I am working on my house training now.  You see, I did not have the best start to my life.  I was chained outside all day and all night, so living in a home is fairly new to me.  I’m making great progress and my foster parents say they are very proud of me.

The other thing that we are working on is my back legs.  It seems I have some weakness there.  We have an appointment to see the vet later this week.  My foster parents are hopeful that perhaps with some muscle building, things will improve.  We’ll know more after we see the nice vet.

Thanks for reading about me. Stay tuned for updates!

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