Cookie, 6 year old yellow lab

October 24, 2017

Cookie thought he should check in with an update.  He did not end up getting neutered last week after all, due to an ear infection and respiratory infection.  Both have now been cleared up, so he will be rescheduled for his procedure in a few weeks.  Also turns out that he is only 71 pounds (must be all the walking doing him good).

His other big news is that for the last week, Cookie has had a foster fur-brother (Leo).  Cookie has been a perfect

gentleman having a guest in his house (even when Leo gets a bit more playful than he cares for).  Cookie is the one closer to the camera.

We have also discovered that his favorite way to sleep is on his back, all splayed out, with his mid-section twisted.  Doesn’t look comfortable, but works for him! 

October 8, 2017

Introducing Cookie.  He is a 74 lb yellow lab. He is a sweet guy who really defines the term “mellow yellow”.  Cookie is very calm, and just loves people and is happy to just hang out with you, wherever you are.  Very low maintenance companion.  He likes chew bones, and rope toys, but is not that interested in chasing a ball!

Cookie is fully housetrained.  He has not bothered anything in the house, and is fine at night too.  We have left him alone a few times during the day, and when we get back the house is just fine (and he is very happy to see us!)

Cookie is wonderful walking on the leash.  He is not bothered at all by passing people or cars/trucks.  And he does not react to other dogs on leash (he perks up, but if we tell him to come along, he just keeps going).  He heels nicely, and could be walked by anybody I think.  He also was wonderful when we met a group of little kids.  He just let them pet him, with his tail wagging (as it usually is).

Cookie is going to be Neutered next week, and if everything goes well, should be available in a few weeks. He would make a perfect companion in any household, and should be fine with little kids.  He has not been cat tested, but based on his personality, and lack of interest when we passed squirrels and geese while walking, I think he would get along with one just fine.

Stay tuned!

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