January 20, 2017

IMG_8314Hey there! I just had to write a note to tell you about my adventures. FM and I went for a walk and boy did I have fun! We were walking a nice pace and I saw a squirrel and it ran up a tree! I think it was running from me! So, I thought, I will try to catch up to show that squirrel who is tougher! FM said that I picked up my pace to get a little closer to check things out all while being good on the leash! But all I cared about was showing that squirrel who is the boss! Then after a few sniffs, off we went again. Then, I just felt the need to go a little faster, so I picked up my pace. FM said, are you interested in a little run? I thought, sure! And next thing you know, we were off! We ran for a short time and oh it was fun! I loved how the wind hits my face! FM said that this will make me feel like a pup again! I think she is right… Of course, when I go home, I had to ponder that in my dreams. FM also wanted to share that for the first time in her life she has met a pup who make complete circles with their tail wags! I asked who and she said I do! Well, all I know is I really am loving life and my tail seems to have a mind of its own these days! I also should mention that I come down the full flight of stairs without supervision now. All I do is hop all the way down! Of course I have no problem doing about 5 steps or so, both up and down, but I still seem intimidated by the full flight. But I am gaining strength and confidence every day! I try on each step, but I seem to get the hang of things at around the fourth step. I still need some help, but I hope that one day with practice and building of muscle, I can do it on my own. Well, those are my big highlights! Hope all is great in your world, because my world rocks!  

January 3, 2017

whatcha-doinHappy New Year! Cooper here! Hello 2017! I am so very excited for the coming year! I hear I will be finding my forever family and that I am up for adoption. FM said that I have been with her pack a month and although she loves me so much, she knows that I need to go to my own home. Then she will be able to help other labbies, just like me! See, I have settled in as one of her pack. There is structure and routine. I know when I go to sleep, eat, potty… all that! It is quite nice… of course, that doesn’t stop me for letting FM know that I am either hungry or need to potty. I am a bit of a snacker with my food. I eat breakfast and dinner. But sometimes I don’t want all my breakfast. FM has to pick it up so Hannah doesn’t eat it. Sometimes FM will let me snack a little at lunch and sometimes I have to wait to finish until dinner! And boy I am usually eyeing FM to remind her it is dinner time… I didn’t really want to eat when I got here. Then I started building up my appetite. And with routine and hearing my Foster Sisters chow down, I learned to eat. FM told me that if I live alone, I can be a free feeder, playing-with-hannahwhatever that means! I don’t know, I do like my food these days. I also love going to work with FM. She helps me up the steps to the office and I am really getting stronger every day! Holly usually works to, but Hannah, well, she is not a reliable employee and sometimes she goes out on sales calls or something where she goes and plays with others at school. FM said, she has the best two with her working always! So I am ok with that! wanna-play-ballI also have watched as Hannah lay by FM on the sofa. I wanted to try it, so I finally did! I lay right next to FM and nuzzled right into her. Hannah of course was jealous and had to take FM’s lap. Ok by me, I was feeling the love and I don’t mind lying next to my foster sister. My life is almost perfect… only thing is finding my new home. FM said my ad will be going up and then I will have people knocking down doors to adopt me because I am the most perfect, well behaved, good mannered, still playful, lovable, appreciative and let’s not forget most beaimg_8314utiful and cute labbie boy you will ever see! I look forward to meeting you!              

December 12, 2016

cooper-out-1212Hey, do you recognize me? It’s me, Cooper! I know! What a difference a week makes! I am gorgeous! I know, right! It’s ok. You can say it! Look at me! My fluffy coat is looking just fantastic! My smile is present and I am loving life! You might also happen to notice that younger foster sister of mine. She is the chocolate in the back. She loves her ball and really wants me to play with her. She is ok in my book but she still has more energy than me and I just can’t keep up with her. I actually don’t play much these days. I do have some big news; I found something that was lost! My voice! Oh I have one and I have barked when the neighbor dogs bark! I also have a little cry, like “she’s looking at me” or “I am bored”, or “hey, I’m downstairs and want to go upstairs with you!” FM said that is ok to have a voice, but it isn’t ok to overuse it. So, she said that I am ok now, but not to expand it further. You know, I just sit back and wonder… how I ended up here. But I have to tell you, it is truly the best thing that happened to me. I am loved and kissed, groocooper-hannah-1212med, cared for, and told every day that I am loved. The only thing that would make my life perfect is if I found my real family. Don’t get me wrong. I love my foster family. But I sure would love to have a place of my own, a place that I could call Home. Please keep reading my blog and watching me grow! I hope you fall in love because I already love you!  

December 8, 2016

Coop here! I kind of like it here! FM said that I am getting along nicely with my sisters and have settled into routine. My tummy is all better since we changed onto a good food and my cough is getting much better. I am resting a lot still from the stress but I have had free roam and have proven to be reliable in the home. I have not had any accidents nor am I destructive. I even played a little tennis ball! I am respectful of the house and spend most of my time on my bed. FM and I went for a walk and I walk nicely on the leash and have a good pace. I sniffed some and really enjoyed it! FM said I could expand my walks in time. She feels that I was kept in a small area or not walked much which caused my muscles to weaken. In just the short amount of time here, she said she can see improvements in my gate, stability and stamina. I can easily do a few steps going in and out of the house, but the full flights of stairs are scary. With some help, FM helps me use my legs to climb them (that is where FM works). It was tiring but I am getting stronger and better with each time I get the courage or desire to climb them with help. I do look forward to continuing to grow and flourish… but I am still a senior dog and enjoy my naps to their fullest! I am perfectly happy with a short walk some snoozing and some loving! That sounds just perfect for me. So, think about it, are you thinking abcooper-1204-resstingout having a cool companion to chill with? It could be me!        

December 6, 2016

cooper-1208Hey everyone! It’s me Cooper! Things are starting to look up! I went for my wellness check today and got some extra shots and a good check. Doc said I am likely 10 or 11. I got some meds for my cough. That was desperately needed because it was causing such distress. I also got another snip to my nails which are still a bit too long. See, the shelter trimmed my nails when I was in there, I was a good boy, but my nails were so long I could hardly walk. With our nails, the quick grows pretty long and in order to send it back up the nail, we need to do little trims. They don’t hurt when I walk now so that is helping me get around much better. My foster mom is also starting to brush me and get off the clumps of icky dead fur that I have. I LOVE BEING BRUSHED! I don’t think there is anything better out there! It feels so good and I moan and get right into it! FM also said that my coat is starting to look better already! She said with a good diet and brushing, it will be shining and not dry! All I know is all this TLC, I can get used to. I also like my foster sister Holly. She is yellow and 12.5. She is older and wiser than me. She isn’t nearly as agile as I am! My eyes are clear and my teeth look good, just a little tarter! Holly is not as fortunate as she has gone blind. That other young foster sister is Hannah. She is chocolate. She is ok. Sometimes she eggs me on my looking at me. I don’t like it so I might wine a little and FM will tell Hannah to knock it off. FM said that Hannah just wants to cozy up, get to know me and play… but I am just not ready for that yet. Everybody does keep a respectable distance to allow me the confidence I need to settle in. Talk to you soon! December 4, 2016 cooper-1203-eve-1I was very anxious with my arrival yesterday and didn’t want to eat or drink too much. I did drink a little. I was very scared… I understand I moved in with my Foster Family. There is a really nice lady, a really cool Dad, and a yellow lab that is older than me! But there is also a younger chocolate lab and I don’t know what to think of her. I don’t know if I like her… but, it is kind of early to judge. I really shouldn’t judge because some people might judge me as a grumpy old dog! When really I have many layers of personality just wanting to come out! I think I will just stay here on my bed and try to decompress and wash all those scary feelings away. Tomorrow is another day. I don’t know how or why I ended up here and not with my family… but I do hope everything will be ok… I am really a good boy; I am just a little scared.

December 3, 2016

cooper-freedomeHi Everybody! My name is Cooper! I am a beautiful black lab with some well-earned distinguished grey! I like to think that I am a seasoned fellow. Today was my freedom ride! You can see that is me in the picture. I know, I have had better days and this is not my best shot! You can tell that I am a little upset and confused. I didn’t like the noise and scary feeling of the shelter and really didn’t want to eat. I was hoping for an early Christmas miracle… And then it happened! The nice folks over at Burlington County Shelter (NJ) called the nice folks at Brookline to have me join the Brookline family and I WAS APPROVED!!! Hooray! I really don’t know what went wrong with my last family. They had dropped me off and the reason they gave me was that I was old. They picked a year that would have meant I was 16 and the folks said that is no way to treat our seniors! With the evaluation at the vet at the shelter, they believed that I was really 10-11 years old. But hey, I am still a senior but one thing is certain, I am out of the shelter, in a house and will be looking for my next family… soon…

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