March 2, 2017

HELLO my human friends!!   I did it…I dropped 10+ pounds and had my spay! Whew…summer is coming, and as a bonus to my spay, I have gotten my bod in shape. Everything seems to have gone very well with the surgery. I was also tested, and I am Lyme and Heart worm negative. My foster parents are taking great care of me during my recuperation. I will be ready for my forever home in a couple of weeks. Get those applications ready and in!!                 January 17, 2017 Dixie at play     January 10, 2017 dixie 1.9.17Hi All. I brought Dixie in for her weigh in yesterday. She has dropped considerable weight, but still needs another 6 pounds to go to take her out of risk of surgery. We have rescheduled for February 1. Now that Dixie has been with our family a little over a month, we have really gotten to know her. She has a terrific personality! She is always by your side and will be the perfect companion for any family. She has lost weight so she is more mobile, but does not get on the couches or beds…and she is invited to! She just wants to be around people all the time. LOVES affection. She has full run of the house now, although doesn’t mind to be crated. Oh yeah…she is fully housebroken now   December 14, 2016dixie-yard-iii Hello All, it’s me Dixie!!!  I’ve been with my totally awesome foster parents now for about three weeks. I love living in a warm home! I’ve been very good and well tempered, especially with my two resident buddies (Labs). I have been working out everyday to get my weight down. I am waiting my spay, but can’t have it until I drop some pounds     … I love to eat !! I am low energy, very easy going, and not a counter surfer. I have learned to play fetch and drop the ball on command. I am still working on my house breaking, and I think I will get it soon. So glad to be spending the Holiday’s inside. Merry Christmas everyone!!!! dixie-yard-iidixie-yard                         December 1, 2016 dixie-iiDixie is awesome!! She is in complete comfort inside and loving the warmth. I think this will be her first warm winter. She is either decompressing or is a low energy Lab. Loves being at your feet and sleeping. We have taught her simple commands as sit and drop (working on “give me your paw”). She LOVES playing fetch and we are pleasantly surprised with her housebreaking. She doesn’t mind the crate at night and goes outside right in the morning. Her play sessions with the ball will help dixie-iiiwith her exercise.     dixie-i               November 27, 2016 img_7429Hi All. I picked up Dixie (a retired Amish farm dog) yesterday, and she has been with us for her first day of the rest of her life. So far, she has been great with my other two resident labs and my children. She is super sweet and her backside doesn’t stop wagging. She seems to be adapting well to being inside. She slept in a crate last night, 9+ hours and never cried or woke up to go outside. freedom-ride-iTook her out first thing in the morning, and she went right to the bathroom. Great start to housebreaking!! She also did well when she had her first bath yesterday. Today I took her for a walk in the park with a leash and collar to get her used it it. She did ok and we will work on it. Tomorrow I will call to schedule for her to be spayed – her days of making puppies are about to be behind her. She is a big lovable girl at 110 lbs!!  Stay tuned for updates.     park-walk freedom-ride-ii

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