Donut, 5 yr old yellow

January 30, 2018

Donut is a 5 year-old neutered male yellow Lab who has lived in a loving home since puppyhood, but circumstances have made it necessary for him to seek a new home.  He is a clever, active, confident pup who will require some exercise to be happy but also loves his couch time.   Enjoys playing with balls and his walks though he can pull hard at first.  He is good with people of all ages and has always gotten along well with the dogs he has met. His current buddy is Pickle the pig (yes you read that correctly!).  They spend their nights together on the couch.  Donut seems to sense his family’s moods and empathizes with them.  He would be happiest in a busy home with children but not one where he would be home alone all day.   Donut is a well socialized dog who will be welcomed into some lucky new home.