October 21, 2016 Meet Doug, a very handsome 1 year old chocolate Lab who was an owner surrender. He 20160620_174320-1_resized-1-1has been with Canine Valley Training since June. He is a sweet and high energy young lab who also happens to suffer from compulsive obsessive behavior. This means he gets fixated on something and is difficult to re-direct. Our trainer has worked with him to get his compulsive obsessive behavior under control and to begin his basic manners training, and he’s made great progress. He is now ready for a foster home, but we don’t have one currently open that meets all of his needs. Doug needs a foster home that is able to give him a lot of daily exercise, including fetch in a large fenced back yard. He will need humans who can handle the strong dog that he is — he still pulls incredibly on leash. He needs a home with no young children (older teenagers would be okay), no dogs, and no cats. His foster home will need to be as calm as possible because stress triggers Doug’s compulsive behaviors, and his foster home will need to continue his training to ensure he will be ready for his furever home. Canine Valley Training will provide ongoing support and U Penn also will provide a few remaining months of support. Doug checks in with you all the time to make sure you are around. He knows basic manners such as his name, Look, Come, Wait, and sometimes leave it. Doug is very smart and can problem solve when he isn’t focused on something too longdougswimming. He just needs a companion to run, hike, fetch and do chores with — someone who will love him for all his little quirks.

Brookline Lab Rescue is always looking for new foster homes to help us save more Labs in need. If you’ve ever thought about fostering, are within our coverage area, and think you have what it takes to foster Doug, you can find more information and apply to foster on our website at: DOUG NEEDS YOU!

September 4, 2016 DougDoug’s In School! Doug has been working really hard learning ways to improve his obsessive compulsive desire to chase almost anything that moves. He has made such great improvements since starting some much needed pharmaceuticals. We are currently working on impulse control until we see the Vet Behaviorist at UPenn this week. Doug just turned a year old and is looking forward to a home to call his own as soon as we work on a protocol to help him control his impulses. Keep watching for updates.

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