January 3, 2017

FullSizeRender (4)We stayed home for Christmas and spent New Year’s down the shore. Duke does well in the car ride for the most part. It takes him a bit to settle down, but when he does, he is golden. Not too much has FullSizeRender (5)changed. He is a very mellow dog and loves people. He adapts well to a group and although he is a big boy, he is gentle with young kids (my nephews were down the shore as well ages 2 through 6). He loves when the kids pet and give him hugs. Although he is content to pass the time away just hanging out on his memory foam mat, he does enjoy taking walks. If he’s feeling really good, he’ll even do a light jog. He does stairs, but is slow going up and down. As you can see from the picture below, he gets along with other dogs. He hung out with Lucky and Dayze (in the background) and Sunny is my mother-in-law’s Golden who is also a rescue.
 FullSizeRender (7)He’s just a really sweet dog and ant family would be lucky to have him.

November 2, 2016

Duke’s foster mom reports Duke is doing very well and we continue to enjoy his company.  img_1662I have to say that he has started to jog on our walks which is a nice change from his leisurely strolls. He’s a great jogging partner for me as I can’t keep up with my boys. As you can see from the one picture I sent, he enjoys his walks/jogs. He had his leash in his mouth because he heard the word ‘walk’.

Although he does enjoy the outdoors, he’s just as content to nap and lounge the day away. He loves his memory foam mat and is not too thrilled to be woken up for potty time as you can see in the one picture. He does oblige and when we’re img_1657out, he is just as content to sit and people/car watch.

Even though loves his mat, he does go upstairs and sleeps in our room for bedtime. Every now and then you’ll find him where the boys are. He’s so good with them and gets along with Dayze and Lucky. I think besides the bedrooms, the kitchen is another favorite room. He follows me around when I’m cooking in hopes that I’ll drop food and I do.  I think he may have slimmed down a bit but don’t have an official weight for him since the last time we went to the vet to get him weighed. img_1654Overall he’s doing great, and while I know he’s happy I know he’d also love to find his furever home.  might that be yours.  Contact susan.stauffer@comcast.net with questions about this sweet dog.

August 12, 2016 Hi.  It’s Duke’s foster mom checking in.  Duke is doing fantabulous!  He has made his way upstairs and sleeps in the hallway every night now.  He must have felt lonely being the only dog downstairs.  He gets around well and I think it’s because he feels he has to compete with the other two. He’s got some pep in his step and actually rushes to get up any time we yell ‘potty’. He is doing better with meal time and doesn’t get as worked up with the barking. I think he’s starting to feel comfortable that Dayze and Lucky aren’t out to steal his food. So everyone is doing great!  I might have to change Lucky’s name to Shadow as he is always by my side and follows me everywhere. The boys’ soccer teams have made him honorary mascot since he goes to practice with them sometimes. July 25, 2016 IMG_3578It’s been awhile since Duke has had an update but he is doing great.  His first foster family loved him, but as alluded to in the posts, he wasn’t fond of their cats who hid the whole time he was there, and so Brookline was able to find him a cat-free foster home so everyone is happier.  This is what his new foster mom has to say after a few days with Duke: Duke is so wonderful and sweet and doing IMG_3580fantastic with Dayze and Lucky.  He was resting in his personal memory foam mat/bed the first couple of days but recently has shown some interest in playing fetch with the other two. He’ll come up to me and nudge my hand with his big ol’ head. He roams around the first floor but stays mainly in the kitchen since that is where we have his bed. If we’re in the family room, he usually will hang out with us there. Every now and then he hangs out in the dining by room. He gets out through the front door ok when I take them out to potty. Other than the two steps at the front and the ones from the house to the garage, he hasn’t ventured on any other steps. IMG_3581We all love him, especially the boys.  They are so amazed by his size – he’s like a big teddy bear to them. They’ve given him treats and he takes them gently. No worries – Duke is living the life!  I think he reminds Dayze of Harp and she’s always lying down near him – really sweet.  Wouldn’t mind at all if he’s with us for a while as a foster.   June 9, 2016 Hi. I’m Duke checkin’ in again! I’m keeping the weight loss going, and my legs are not getting any shorter- I am a tall boy. Today I walked 1.5 miles in the woods with foster mom & sibs! So much easier with 15 pounds off. I am really hoping for a forever family where I don’t have to share the lovin’IMG_3883!  I love belly rubs, sweet talk & treats! Mom puts Apples & Green Beans in my food to help my diet! yUM!! Come see me at Petapalooza at Central Penn College in Enola, PA on Saturday the 11th!  For details on that, check out http://www.brooklinelabrescue.org/?page_id=13412

image2 (4)image6 (1) image3 (1)           June 1, 2016 FullSizeRender (1) Duke had no applicants by his ‘last call’ date!  So I wanted to update that Duke is now 10 pounds slimmer, but no shorter:) He’s still a tall and big docile boy! He can now run faster than me {which isn’t saying much}, however, his unexercised joints are now making him limp after a long walk, so the vet has prescribed “doggie ibuprofen” (served in Non-xylitol Jif on my finger)  for perceived pain and it really seems to help!  Duke is slower-than-before to start after cats, though still not allowing them in the same room he is in. He has this big look of anticipation in his eyes when I turn my head and I notice him giving me “the look”! He only seems to bark when his foster sibs bark for the word “walk”,  Duke has wide, alert eyes when he sees a bunny or squirrel in the yard or walks in the woods, AND,  has never pulled on the leash to chase them when on his leash! Only in the yard garden area will he get up & go investigate. Duke is SO good on a leash! I could be 85 and easily walk Duker-boy, and he is strong enough to pull me up if I were to fall! Ha ha. Do You have a family that might like to apply for a big- Labby temper & color, with the long legs of a Great Dane?  Message me! sjs_labs2@yahoo.com Thanks & Woof   FullSizeRender (14) May 22, 2016 Hey, are you waitin’ for my lovin’? My foster mom is discovering more about me. I have become so tolerant of my old foster sister that I let her tramp on me to get by me. I am really patient. Mom is really getting me to play a bit more! Instead of just sitting on the floor playing “tug” with foster Dad, I actually chase after my foster brother when he gets the soft frisbee. My foster-sister in the background in the video (below) is chasing a stick that I sometimes play “tug” with her stick too. I had my nails trimmed again by Mom- jeez, she thought I would jump, but I’m cool as a cucumber for toenail trimming. I have lost another 3 pounds, so my green beans in my dog food seems to be working really well. Please let mom know if you want me to be just yours! I would love to make you ‘mine’! Duke playing   May 8, 2016 Hi, DUKE here! Looking for my forever home now! Someone or a couple that wants to love a big labby-laid-back-slow-moving-lover dog. IMG_3462Had my follow-up Vet visit & I’ve lost 5 pounds on my new veggie-added diet. I’m down to 167- yes, I know… Too big yet for little kids, but I don’t jump, counter-surf, or bark much (only when my foster sibs get excited to walk, then I join in) !  Foster mom discovered I love real green beans, carrots and cauliflower in my food! I finally got to sit in my new yard and explore a little! I like to take slow walks, since I’m not very speedy, but I’m getting better as I start to slim down-I have ~ 45 pounds to go! Can you help me walk, eat right and give me a forever set of feet to lay my loving big head upon? Love, The DukeFullSizeRender       April 28, 2016 Hey! Duke the big boy here again! I am playing with my foster Dad with my Brookline toy- I am learning new things every day. My foster mom is running me ragged with this walking thing. I had my toenails trimmed last night. I got a great treat because I was SO perfect! I didn’t growl or pull back, I surprise my foster mom and dad. One of my dog (foster) sisters LOVES to give me kisses. I’m not a kisser- but I smile occasionally! Ha ha!  Check back as I should be available soon.  Contact calkaibrea@gmail.com for more information on me.IMG_3213 FullSizeRender (13)                 April 19, 2016 IMG_3152Hi there. I am DUKE a ‘Big Doggie lovers’ sort of dog.  Yes, I am very large. Although my mom was a Yellow Lab, people at the rescue where my former owner adopted me think my papa was a Mastiff!  I am 7-8 years old and I lived with the same family since I was 6 months old. Unfortunately my mom and dad had to move far away for work and couldn’t take me.  I’m sad that I couldn’t go, but I’m an adaptable guy and am doing very well in my new foster home.  Still I’d like to find my furever home IMG_3070I’m a pretty healthy and pampered fellow but apparently I could stand to lose some weight and I’m working on that with my foster family.  Apparently  I was over-fed so my rations have been but back substantially.  I’m not sure I’m going to love that, but my foster parents say that ultimately I’ll be happier.  My first vet visit proved me free of Lyme, heart worm and poop nasties! Yay!  The vet said some of my extra weight may be due to low thyroid, so I am on medicine for that now. I am UTD on all immunizations too! I get along with other dogs really well (I live with threeFullSizeRender (8) labs now- oh boy!), but not kitties- I come to full alert and boy did I ever try to pull my foster mom to chase one the first time I saw one.  I don’t do that anymore.   I just come to  ATTENTION when I see the outside cats. The inside cats have stayed out-of-sight since they first saw me! I have to say that my favorite word is “walk”!  As soon as she says the word, I go get my leash and put in my mouth and bring it to my foster mom ! And I walk FullSizeRender (9)really great on the leash in a slow, lumbering pace. I don’t think ‘running’ is something I like to do!  But who knows as I become my new svelte self! I know “sit”, but sometimes I think “come” is optional.  If the word “treat” is said, I will definitely “come” to the person with treats and take them gently. I was previously around toddlers when I visited my original owner’s mom and did fine. However that was not an everyday thing, so a home with older children would probably be better since I am SO tall and big! FullSizeRender (7)For now I’ve got it made.  My day is pretty much EAT, SLEEP, WALK, eat, sleep walk…. I do not fetch, or wrestle or play like my new Lab foster buddies yet, but I watch them for a bit, then just want to go back in the house- their running around makes me tired. HA HA Yawn. What I really like is to lay my head on foster mom’s feet.  Even though I could easily counter-surf or jump on furniture. I never have done any of these things.  Even when foster mom puts my real butcher-marrow-bone on the counter, I don’t go after it or other food!  I am a real gentleman! I am just a great, big, sweetie!  Woof!  Stay tuned for updates.  I expect to be available soon.  Bye for now.FullSizeRender (6)

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