Eddy, 2 yr old chocolate male

EDDIE is Available!


Eddy should be good with a wide variety of families, but I feel will do best with a household that is relatively calm (though he would probably love some kids to play with) and has some experience with labs.  He is really sweet and friendly, and should thrive with consistent handling, exercise and affection.

Eddy was dog tested (graduate level!) at camp McGee last weekend, and did well overall once he settled in and got used to having 3 other dogs around.  So no concerns with him going into a house with a resident dog, but probably best if the current dog is on the mellow/submissive side, or older.  And it is crucial that the new family understands that they have to take it slow introducing them.  Not cat tested yet.  He does not get bothered at all by cars or trucks passing on walks, even the garbage truck banging right next to us barely got a glance.


Eddy:  2 YO chocolate lab

75 pounds

September 5, 2017

Checking back in with an update on Eddy.  He has been having quite the busy time for himself, and hitting new milestones.  Since the last update, he had his first bath (big fan of being sprayed by the hose!) and swim in the pool (not so big a fan of that).  We have also left him out free roam during the day, and he behaved himself very well.  No signs of getting into anything he shouldn’t.  He still has not gone up our inside stairs, but did fine on outside stairs.  With a little encouragement, he should be fine going up inside too.

We also switched him to a front clip easy-walk harness, and his leash behavior is much improved.  He could still use some work in that area from his new family.  He really loves his walks, and likes to spin in circles from excitement when you pick up his harness and leash.  He also exhibited excellent behavior again riding in the car.

His other big excitement is that he spent 4 days this weekend visiting at another foster’s house, spending the time with 3 resident dogs, and a few others that stopped by to visit.  Overall he did very well.  At first he was a bit protective of special toys, with a little growling, but he stopped when told to and after a few days was much improved.  Outside of that, he was well behaved in the house (and happy to follow the others onto the couch!), and loved running around chasing the other dogs.

Based on this experience, Eddy should be fine in a home with another dog, though preferably one that is not overly dominant, as long as his new family is willing to take it gradually introducing them so that Eddy has time to get comfortable.  Once he does though, he is very affectionate and just happy to run around and play.

Eddy should be available shortly, and should do well in most any home that is willing to give him plenty of affection and exercise, and help him with the rest of his training to become a more perfect dog.

August 24, 2017

Introducing Eddy.  He is a super sweet 2  year-old boy that has been with us now for 3 days.  He was found as a stray and brought into the shelter, where he was very stressed.  Thankfully Brookline stepped in and his luck changed.  Even though he was just neutered last week (sorry buddy!), he came into our house and settled right in.  He is very affectionate, with a nice calm personality. He loves getting petted, and will gladly flop on his back for belly rubs.


Eddy loves playing with his new toys, especially his squeaky stuffed toy and a tennis ball (see that picture, he has 2 in his mouth at one time!).  And he has a wonderful time running around exploring the yard (he is quite interested in the pool, but we have not let him in there yet).



Eddy has been very well behaved in the house.  He is crate trained, and has been wonderful at night, without making any noise. He has excellent house manners, and has not gotten into anything he wasn’t supposed to.  He has not been with other dogs while in foster care, but he was dog tested at the shelter and did fine.

Eddy does get very excited to take a walk so pulls quite a bit at first but settles down some once he burns off some energy.  We are working on correcting this, but he will need some more work on leash skills, though he seems very trainable.  He gets excited passing other dogs, but is not bothered at all by passing people or cars/trucks.


Eddy is still on restricted activity following his recent procedure (and not at all happy about it!), so not yet available to be adopted, but check back in for updates.  He will make a wonderful addition to an active family that is willing to give him lots of attention and exercise.

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