Flash, 4 yr old Black Male Lab

October 6, 2017

Hi Brookline Friends!

I’m Flash! a good ol’ 3 yr. old handsome southern boy that was found as a stray down south and brought up here. I am 92 pounds of pure muscle and love! Everyone says I’m very handsome – but that just makes me blush. But I will tell you that I would rather live with people any day than on the streets!

I LOVE to curl up in bed with my people, LOVE car rides, love to play fetch, and just love hanging out and being loved. My tail is ALWAYS wagging! I don’t have a mean bone in my body, and I rarely bark (Foster Mom said she’s only heard me bark 4 times!). I do love to counter surf (I’m a Lab, after all!) and will follow you everywhere (FM keeps saying I’m a “Velcro” dog), but do NOT have any separation anxiety. However, I would LOVE it if my forever family was around a lot – that would be AWESOME!

Another thing everyone loves about me is that I am completely housebroken and am fine with free roam when my people are gone. I also get along great with other dogs. I love children too, but I am a big boy, so I probably should be with older children (10+ yrs.) as I might accidentally knock them down, even though I don’t mean to.

I also love other dogs! I used to live with one who was a bit bossy, and made me a bit nervous, so I’d prefer a more laid back canine companion. But I’m also fine being the center of attention!!!!

I should mention there are a few things I don’t like . . . crates, thunder, lightning and really loud noises. They make me hide under the bed!

So the only little sort of embarrassing problem that I need to share is that just like babies and toddlers, I sometimes leak a bit. I only do it when I’m super excited or when I’m sleeping, so at nighttime I wear a doggy diaper. I did go to a specialist in NYC who did surgery on me, and it stopped most of my leaking, but I still do when I’m asleep. So my nighttime “diaper” (or even just puppy pads) are an easy fix!

So enough about that! I am such a sweet, friendly, outgoing southern gentleman that everyone who meets me falls instantly in love. I’d love to charm you too!



So there you have it, a pretty perfect, handsome southern boy!!

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