April 15, 2017

Hello to all my Brookline friends!

What an awesome day I had today, but first I want to tell you about my night in my new foster home.

So my foster mom decided it was time to go to bed around 10:30.  She set up another crate in her bedroom right next to Mylee’s crate so I could see her and my new fur sister.  After doing all my business and getting a cookie, she tucked me into bed with a big hug and a “I love you Gizmo, you are such a good boy”!  She said I am going to make some family very happy!  At first I whined a little bit, but as soon as she got in to her bed I closed my eyes and went right to sleep.  Guess what, I bet you can’t guess, I slept right until 7:20 this morning!!  Boy was she happy with me!  “What a good boy Gizmo!” she told me!  “I am so proud of you!”  “We had a great night buddy!” I think I did good, do you?

Today was a fun day.  Guess what I did all day, I bet you can’t guess!!  Ok, Ok, I will tell you, are your ready?  I played and played and played.  Mylee and I had a blast.  My foster mom has a fenced in yard and we ran around, chasing balls, and squirrels and birds, and each other.  You know Maggie even ran around a bit with us too.

We had a few time outs in our crates, taking short naps so that we could recharge and then start over again.

I think I have adjusted nicely here!  I still bark a little when I am put in my crate, but I settle right down!  Hey I forgot, I met Curt today, that’s my FM’s oldest son.  He came for dinner.  I sure love him and I think he loved me back.  Anyway during dinner my FM put me in my crate and Mylee in her crate and we both slept quietly while everyone ate dinner!!  Curt was so impressed.  Everyone kept telling me what a good boy I am.

That’s all for today!  I am totally tired!!

Thank you again for rescuing me!  I am so happy, I smile all day.  

April 13, 2017 Hi my name is Gizmo!! I am an 18 month male yellow lab and today is my first day with my foster family! My foster mom said I am a wonderful young man.  I am very loving and gentle. I am such a good boy.  I love to play with my foster fur sisters!  Especially Mylee because she is young like me. Maggie, she’s older I think around 6 years….she is very motherly.  Always breaking up the fun but I love her too!  I guess everyone needs a mom figure in their lives! Here are some good things my foster family says about me….

  • I can sit when asked.
  • I can sit and wait to be released for my food.
  • I am very gentle when she gives me treats.
  • I have not had any accidents in the house.
  • I love my fur sisters and show absolutely no signs of aggression.
  • I walk very nicely on a leash, with or without a harness.
  • If my FM stops to talk to someone, I sit nicely and wait.

Here are just a few things we will be working on.

  • The jumping when humans come to visit!  I just get so excited when I see humans!!!  I wiggle and jump and just can’t wait to be pet!!
  • When she puts me in my crate I bark for a bit before I settle, it’s just the first day and I think that will stop when I become more comfortable here, though I have really made myself at home already!!

I can’t wait until I have my forever home!  My foster mom says I deserve the BEST!!  

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