Gracie #6, 7 yr old yellow lab

August 14, 2017

Gracie is a yellow 7 year-old ex farm girl that came to Brookline last Thursday. She is a very loving girl that just wants to please you and be loved on.

She was evaluated by a volunteer who was taken in by Gracie’s charm,and passed with flying colors.  She was then checked out by the vet at Smoketown and everything was good, well for the most part. She needs to be spayed and the vet found two mammary growths. They are both really small and did not cause her much alarm during Gracie’s visit. She also has some bad tarter build up that will be taken care of when she goes under for her spaying. All of her other tests turned out negative – good job Gracie!

Getting her back to NJ was no trouble at all; she slept through the two hour car ride home to her foster home. She met her new foster sister Hope, who was also a farm girl that had a lot of litters. They get along like two peas in a pod. Must be that connection of farm girl to farm girl. It is so fun to watch Gracie learn how to be a home girl. It took me about five minutes to coax her into the house. She is slowly settling in. She has her quirks, but wouldn’t any dog coming from a background like that? She follows us around wherever we go as long as it does not include the second floor. We have not been able to coax her upstairs yet, but she still has trouble going down the three steps to the back yard.

She likes to chase a ball, bring it back to you, and then does not let you take it back. She also loves to carry her new toys around. She really love her stuffed duck and her new bone. Having something that is just hers is a new found joy for her.

Gracie may have some early arthritis that we will try to address with some fish oil and chondroitin. The vet said it may take a few weeks to work, but will really help her. Gracie is also able to run around the back yard, which she does with wild abandon.

She did take her first walk on a leash and it went really well. Minimal pulling, but she is so curious about everything. She zigs and zags all over the place. Hope did keep her in line though.

We look forward into seeing what Gracie is going to learn about being a dog that gets as much love as she gives. We also love watching her learn new things every day.I really feel that Gracie will grow into a wonderful companion for some lucky family.  She is so lovable.

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