Gracie #7, 4 year old black lab

September 14, 2017

From Gracie’s foster dad:

My goodness! What a difference a week makes! Gracie is like a new dog. Completely at home and decompressed. Her energy level is way up, and boy can she run! She loves the open backyard and has really taken to my chocolate lab Kona. Gracie knows “sit”, “paw”, “come”, “lay down” and “no”. There also have been no accidents and Gracie has had free roam of the house. Her personality is starting to shine! We will start to introduce her to strangers/family members to help her get over her timidness, and we’ll see how she does.

The biggest news is Gracie and I have made the peace!! Gracie sees me now and comes right over. Her backside can’t wag fast enough! I have attached a pic of the two buddies, Kona and Gracie and a pic of Gracie with her head on my leg as I watched TV.


September 10, 2017

Hi All! It’s me Gracie. I am settling in very nicely with my awesome new foster home. It’s been about three days or so and I’m really loving my new Lab buddies, Kona and Indy, the young boy and girl,… and my favorite – my foster mom. My new foster dad, I’m still getting to know, but I wagged my tail at him this morning and gave him my paw. He’s nice, but I’m still checking him out.

I love the backyard where I can run and play. I never knew I was soooo fast. I’m faster than Kona, who is two and has some speed. My new home is trying to get me to play ball or even go in the pool, but for now I’m just going to chill.

I have been very good also! I have not chewed any non-human things and have alerted my foster parents when I need to go outside. I haven’t had an accident in the house! They are good to me too, as I have had free roam of the house. I will send along some pics too. Uh Oh…here comes Dad.


Hello – It’s foster Dad. I have to say Gracie is warming up to me every day. She is the sweetest girl who is just looking to please and trust. A gem.






September 7, 2017

The first 15 hours:

We picked up Gracie yesterday around 5 pm. Her Rescue Ride went real well with my son keeping her calm and relaxed in the back. She did fine in the car and settled easily. She was a little nervous and didn’t take any treats the whole ride but was good.

The next step was the big intro to my other two resident Labs. The intro couldn’t have gone any better. They greeted each other in my yard; my other two accepted her literally within minutes. I could see a change in Gracie as she started to feel more comfortable and started running with them.

She slept through the night and no accidents.

Gracie has really taken to my son and my wife, Anna. She is much more comfortable around them. She is still warming up to me, but it’s going to take some time. It’s ok with me as we will let her go at her own pace. I believe after some time, we will be able to tap into her true personality and she is going to thrive. She is a sweet shy girl.

Enjoy her Rescue Ride pics and her settling in at home.