Meet Groot

  •  4 year old male
  • Good with dogs
  • Good with cats

            Groot was surrendered to a shelter because he growled at a special needs foster child (human) that the family took in.  Note that otherwise the owners said he was good with all people and liked dogs and even cats. May 3, 2017 It’s me again, Groot.  FM says I need to tell you a little more about myself, not just the good stuff.  I don’t know what she means by that, it’s ALL good! FM says I have a problem with impulse control and that I jump a lot when I get excited. Evidently a lot of things excite me so FM is working on some training with me.  I have to sit and wait while she dishes out my food and the other 3 dog’s  food!  That’s a lot of waiting.  If one of us gets up, she stops and makes us sit again. Imagine the Peer Pressure with that!  She’s also making me sit before she opens the door to let me out.  I used to jump up and scratch at the door to open it myself but now I usually sit even before she asks. My FM says I am getting much better but I’m still a work in progress.  But don’t I look good? ~ Groot May 3, 2017 Hey it’s me Groot.  I went to the Brookline Training Session this weekend.  I didn’t learn much but Foster Mom said the speakers were great.  I met a lot of people and some dogs there.  I was great with everyone.  I even got to hang out with Gary and Lorraine for a while, something about going to a Meet and Greet with them.  They wanted to know if they could handle me. I’m pretty sure that I can handle them so it’s all good. They also had a photographer there that was begging to take my picture.  She couldn’t keep her eyes off of me the whole day.  I am very good looking after all.  I think she did a good job with the photos but then again with this face, how could you go wrong!! ~ Groot May 1, 2017 FM says I look like Papa Bear sitting in Baby Bear’s chair. P.S. – I am Groot! April 22, 2017 Groot has arrived at Camp McGee.  Things are going well so far.  Initially, Groot wasn’t too thrilled with Brewster’s “enthusiastic” greeting or Layla’s invitation to play, but things have settled down and everyone is more relaxed now.  More to come.  For now, enjoy some pictures of this cutie!

Hey there!

Watching the world.

April 23,  2017 Silly Groot [Yes, we are easily amused!  LOL] April 25, 2017 Groot is really coming into his own, no more calm relaxed dog here!  He enjoys running with Floyd and playing with Brewster.  When I went to work this morning, Peggy was still in bed.  I put Brewster in his crate, Jack and Floyd were in with Peggy and I gated Groot in the living/dining room since we discovered he’s a counter-surfer.  Well Peggy heard a THUMP and was quickly greeted in her bed by Groot!!   So no, Groot, doesn’t respect baby gates.  April 26, 2017 Groot received a very special package from Brookline and wanted to share it with you.

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