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Ideally his new home will be on the calmer side, not a lot of people coming or going (so adults best, college aged kids maybe, or teens that don’t bring endless people through!)  He likes having people around during the day (and is used to that).   IMO other dog should be OK, but better off being a mellow one. An only dog situation is probably ideal though.  They also need to be willing to get him a lot of exercise and ideally a fenced yard (even better land to explore!).  And really important, willing to work on his emotional issues.  Taking it slow with introductions too, and recognizing he will need extra time to build trust.  On the flip side, once he gets used to you, he is very devoted and affectionate (including with regular visitors he is used to!  guinness2 1/24/17 Guinness here.  Just thought everyone would like an update on me!  Life here in my foster home is good.  I’m really enjoying all my walks, and exploring all the great smells in the back yard.  I even have them trained to give me treats for being a good boy! Best news, they said that I am ready to find a FurEver family!  So if you are looking for a nice active boy for walks, cuddles and kisses,  let the nice people at Brookline know, and maybe we can become best buddies too! 1/17/17 UPDATE : FD here with a quick update on Guinness.  We gave him free roam of the house a few times while we were out, and he passed the test!  No signs of getting into anything he shouldn’t.  And he was nice and calm when we got back home after 2 hours (just excited to see us!). Guinness also really loves the smells in the back yard.  Every time we let him out, he zooms around the whole fence, keeping track of the animals on the other side.  We also discovered that he will in fact chase a tennis ball and bring it back.  At least a few times, until he decides to keep it for himself, while rolling over on his back to request a belly rub.  Along with his walks (boy, does he get excited when I put my shoes on), he loves belly rubs and following scents. Look for Guinness to be available the end of this week.  This sweet boy will make a great addition to the right family. 1/13/17 HI!  Guinness here, with my first writing assignment.  I am a handsome (just look at those pictures!), 3-year-old black lab mix, and weigh about 68 pounds.  My favorite activities are talking long walks, keeping track of my people, and cuddling with them on my couch (even though they still think it is theirs!).guinness3 I have been with my new foster mom and dad (FM and FD for short) now for just over a week.  I was nervous at first, but after a few days, settled in to my new home (lots of love and affection really helped with this).  Even though there were a lot of new things here that I was a bit afraid of at first, such as wood stairs and new people, I really impressed FD and FM by how fast I became brave enough to run up and down stairs, and warmed up to them too! The big difference in my new house is that I am the only dog here. My former family was sad to give me up, but they also had a real high energy 18-month old lab and she really made it hard for me to “do my thing”.  Since I also need some time to warm up to new people and things, I had trouble keeping up.  Now though, I can play with my toys when I want (and they don’t get snatched!), and I get undivided attention from my people. guinness6 Now that I know how it is to be the top dog, I am looking forward to finding my furever home.  My ideal home will have loving people that like to cuddle with me on the couch, and that love to take lots of walks to help me burn off my energy (man, I love my walks, and all those smells!)  I heard that I will be ready to go the end of this week! OK, gotta go now.  Nap time on the couch! guinness5Foster Dad (FD) here!  I’m taking over since Guinness is all pooped out from all our walks today, so he is sleeping away on the couch.  We have had him here for just over a week, and he has really settled in with us.  He is a perfect gentleman in the house, and sleeps right through the night without a peep.  Doesn’t get into anything he shouldn’t (and a simple “no” will move him along if he does get a little nosy.  He sleeps in our bedroom at night, and is happy to snooze away in a crate.  He spends the day with free roam of the house while we are home, and tomorrow we will let him have the run of the place when we go out. The first few days were quite an adjustment for Guinness.  He is a bit of a nervous guy at first, and does take some time to get used to strangers (but once he knows you are one of “his people”, he is very affectionate, and generous with his kisses).   We were quite proud of him for overcoming his initial fears (putting some carpet pads on the stairs helped with that), and now he seems like he has always been here.  We are settled into a routine, and he even knows where the potty zone in the yard is!Guinness1 Guinness is really a cuddle bug too.  He makes sure to keep track of us, and if you sit on the couch, expect to have a head in your lap in no time.  And if you stop petting, a gentle nudge with the nose reminds you to keep going.  His other favorite activity is walking, as far as you want to go.  A couple nice walks every day really helps him relax, and will do wonders for your waistline (cheaper than a gym membership!).  He also loves to talk to you when he is excited, but we are working on reminding him about his inside voice.  He also keeps pretty excited when he sees other dogs out and about, so working on that too.  Other than that, he walks very well (if a bit briskly, but he slows right down with a gentle tug of the leash). Guinness has done so well here, that he is going to be available for adoption the end of this week.  For the right family, he is going to be a wonderful companion.  Invest a little bit of time building his trust, and you will have a great dog for a long time.

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