Jersey 7 yr old black male

Jersey 7 yo Black Lab Mix


Jersey says….

I’ve been matched!!!!


Guess what?!  I found my forever home!  Well, technically, Sue S. found my forever home. But my new mom fell in love with me after reading my blog.  So I think I deserve some of the credit, too!

Thanks for taking such great care of me, Brookline!  I’ll never forget you guys!


Jersey Boy 8/13/17 This is one of my favorite spots at my foster home – Ma’s Biscuit Bar!Ma is the nice lady who lives next door.  When she sees us kids outside, she comes to say hello and gives us treats.  She is always so happy to see us – and believe me, the feeling is mutual!  Look close at the picture and you’ll see Ma sliding biscuits through the fence.  YUM!  This place gets crowded sometimes, but Ma always has enough biscuits to go around!  Ma even caters to dogs like Brewster who are on special diets.  This place rocks!You never know when the Biscuit Bar will re-open… and I don’t want to miss out! Love, Jersey 8/11/17 8/10/17   Jersey loves to spend his afternoons relaxing poolside.  When I look out my office window and see him, I get a bit jealous.  How sad is it when you are jealous of your foster dog’s life?!  LOL 8/7/17 Hi!  It’s me, Jersey Boy, checking in. Things are going great at my foster home.  I had a busy weekend and boy was it fun! We had two other dogs, Puddin and Twinkie, visiting for a week.  Puddin is a Brookline dog who used to be a foster dog right here at my foster home!  How cool is that?  She told me she found the most awesome forever home…AND she still gets to come back and visit her (and MY!) foster moms!  Awesome! On Thursday night, some of FM’s family came to visit.  One of the visitors was a 9 year old boy who LOVES dogs.  He was really cool.  He spent lots of time with us fur-kids, playing with us and giving us treats.  My kind of kid! On Saturday, a bunch more people came!  We had a pool party and barbecue.  Yum!  It sure did smell good.  But my FM’s moms kept warning people that I’m tall enough to reach the table and I will help myself to food.  Darn!   I could have  had some tasty treats if they hasn’t put everyone on notice.  Another pup came to the party with her mom and dad.  She’s a young pup with lots of energy.  Not to be outdone, I raced around the yard with her!  We had a blast.  But boy was I tired that night! There were lots of people at the party, as young as 7 months and as old as… well, OLD!  I loved all of them!  I was a really good boy and made my FM’s proud.  One guy wanted to take me home, but his wife kept saying no.  Darn.  FM says not to worry – we’ll find my perfect forever family. Everyone who met me said “Wow – he’s big.”  I don’t know why everyone thinks I’m so tall.    I’m the same height as Brewster! Hee hee!  Just kidding!  I’m really this much taller than him. On Sunday my buddies, Lorraine and Gary, took me to the park for a walk.  They said I was a really good boy and that I wasn’t fazed by anything going on at the park.  I was so good that they offered to take me out again next weekend.  On Saturday we’re going to an event at the Elmwood Park Zoo.  Come on out.  I’d love to meet you!            Love, Jersey 7/29/17 Jersey is doing great.  He has finally gotten rid of his crazy hormones so he can play with Brewster without humping him.    They have a lot of fun playing together.  We learned that Jersey does NOT like thunder storms.  He destroyed the crate he was in when we were out during a storm.  He’d been crated before that with no issues.  The only reason he was crated was because he was humping the other dogs.  Now that he got that “out of his system”, he isn’t crated anymore.  He seems to handle storms better when not crated, but he still doesn’t like them. Jersey went to an event at Petco last weekend and did great.  He really enjoyed meeting all the people and the other dogs. He was well behaved and (literally) kissed up to anyone who stopped to pet him! Jersey loved his foster care package.  Check out the video below.   Jersey says thanks for all the cool stuff! 7/26/17

Well… this is embarrassing…

How did I end up in this predicament?!  Well, last week I had a procedure done.  My FM’s call it a neuter surgery, but I call it a YOWZA-YIKES! I was doing okay for the first few days.  Then it started to bug me.  So I did what dogs do.  I licked it.  FM’s said “no licking allowed!”  But I couldn’t help myself.  I am a dog, after all.  So my FM’s put a ridiculous lamp shade thing on my head.  But I showed them.  I chewed it and crumpled it until I could reach my YOWZA-YIKES area… and I resumed my licking. So then FM dug this thing out of the basement.  I think it’s something FM wore back in the 70’s.  I hear those were crazy times for fashion.  I haven’t been able to reach my YOWZA-YIKES area with this thing on.  That makes my FM’s happy.  Me.. not so much.  But luckily I’m a happy boy pretty much all the time… so I can smile even when I have this thing on. Keep smiling! Love, Jersey 7/23/17 I went to an event today with my Foster Moms.  We were trying to get more Foster Homes signed up to help out dogs like me! Foster Mom said I’m a great pup for this task cause I’m so well behaved and cute!  And I impressed people with my “paw” trick.  Check it out! Jersey paw 7/22/17

I’m comfy!

  When I told Jersey he didn’t have to sleep in his crate tonight, this is not what I had in mind! LOL             7/21/17 Jersey arrived at Camp McGee yesterday.  BIG thanks to Terry for delivering him to us!  Jersey is a 7 year old Lab mix.  He was an owner surrender to the shelter.  His family gave him up because they could no longer afford to care for him.  Jersey is a sweet, handsome, TALL boy.  He’s very skinny.  We need to get some meat on his bones! Jersey loves the other dogs…. Like really LOVES the other dogs… as in the way Rocky #9 “loved” his bed!  Ugh.  Jersey is obsessed with humping the other dogs.  He knocks Jack over, but at least Jack does his best to tell Jersey off.  Jersey is starting to the get the message from Jack, but he still tries every so often.  He tries to hump Floyd, but Floyd has learned to keep his distance from Jersey.  He is obsessed with Brewster.  We had to tether or crate Jersey last night to give Brewster some peace.  As you can see, Jersey is quite tall so the baby gates don’t hold him back.  Luckily he is good in the crate aside from some whining and crying.  Today I gave him run of the house for a bit and I found him hanging out in his crate.

Yeah, I can get over this one easy!

Jersey is great on the leash – even when passing other dogs who were pulling to get to him.  When he’s not humping the other dogs, he gets along great with them.  He was just neutered on Monday, so hopefully his obsession with humping will decrease as time goes on.

Jersey Boy

I would love to know what Jersey is mixed with.  He’s very tall and has a long nose…with a cute white stripe down it!  He also has a white chest and the tip of his tail is white! More to come! ~ Jersey Boy~ 7/20/17

Freedom Ride!

  As you can see, Jersey is a big boy. His head more than touched the roof of my back seat and when he stood, I could see nothing through the back window. Fortunately he sat most of the ride spread out on the backseat or with his head on my shoulder. He is now at Camp McGee        

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