January 3, 2017

image2-13After a short stay with a possible adoptive family, Kasey is back to her normal routine!

What this sweet girl really needs is some “Room to roam!”  She is very excited about walking on the leash, but all of her energy compels her to pull her way through her walks.  She does best in a fenced in yard, so she can run free, and explore her surroundings.

While in the house, Kasey likes to sit right next to us. She is always waiting for that next belly rub, or scratch behind the ear.  She doesn’t love hugs, and will wiggle her way out!  But she loves kisses, and if you get near her nose, expect a kiss!

Kasey is a vocal dog – she barks to go out, and if she knows where the treats are, she’ll bark for a treat!  When she lays down, she grunts as she plops, and she often grunts when you pet her, almost like she’s purring!

While we are out, Kasey does well in the crate, or with free run of the house.  She just waits patiently for us to return.

Kasey is a super sweet dog, who loves to be around people.  She is not bothered by the kids’ image1-22loud squeals, running around the house, or or their toys under her feet.  She just goes with the flow.

In the right environment, Kasey will be a wonderful companion for any family willing to train, love and provide her with the attention she deserves!

  December 11, 2016   December 8, 2016 img_2764Kasey continues to amaze us each day. When she first arrived, she was the energizer bunny, with an absolute obsession for retrieving a ball.  As time went on, Kasey mellowed, and truly settled into her foster home, as I’m sure she’ll do with her forever home. Kasey puts herself to bed each night. When she’s tired img_2976(around 8pm), she curls up on her dog bed, and she’s out for the night.  At about 7am, we hear the pitter-patter of her feet, coming upstairs to see if we are awake.  If I push snooze too many times, Kasey let’s me know it’s time to get up! img_2804When we head out to work and school, Kasey stays home with no problem. She’s fine in the crate or with free run of the house. She’s never had an accident in the house since we’ve had her! We are all eager to get home, since Kasey greets us with great enthusiasm. My kids are timid, and shy away from most dogs.  But not Kasey!  They love her kisses, and her friendly nature. Kasey just wants one thing- attention from people! If you’re sitting near her, she expects your hand to pet her! If you are in the kitchen, she expects you to have a hand in the treat box! If you show her a ball, she’ll be waiting for you to throw it! If you give this sweet girl the attention she deserves, she’ll be your loyal companion for life!   October 3, 2016 image1 (3) (1)If you’re looking for a medium-sized adult dog with the energy of a puppy, this is the dog for you! Kasey is a 6 year old Lab mix with a lovable personality and a strong desire to play! She will retrieve a ball or a Frisbee for as long as you’re willing, and then cover you with kisses. She is very gentle, and plays nicely with kids of all ages img_2987(especially if they want to play ball!), although she may inadvertently knock down small toddlers in all of her excitement.  This girl can play fetch until she drops.  She is a retrieving champion.  Even when the toys are away she is still looking for them.  She drops the toys very well to make sure you throw them again! She would do well in a household that can devote time to getting her energy out.  We are working on keeping her jumping to a minimum.  Since she is very treat motivated, it should be easily fixed.  It has already improved! She was previously in foster careUntitled attachment 00370 with another dog.  Most of the time they were fine, but there have been some issues, so we think Kasey might be best placed as an only dog or with a very submissive dog.  While on walks she mostly ignores other dogs.  At the dog park, she is so focused on retrieving that she never bothers other dogs while there – she just wants to play with her people! She is an absolute lovebug. She won’t bother you when you’re cleaning or moving around, but if you’re sitting on the couch, she’ll sit next to you with her head tilted and paws up until you start petting her. She loves belly rubs and scratches behind the ears.   She even makes a low grunting sound when you pet her, almost like she is purring!image2 (3) (1) Kasey is fully house-trained, crate trained, and responds well to basic commands – sit, stay, down, paw, all done. She is fine on her own, as we can leave her alone in the house with no issues. She will do well in a home that provides her with lots of attention, belly rubs, and exercise. See more photos of Kasey:   For more information, please contact susan.stauffer@comcast.net.

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