Katie the Great

June 12, 2017

Katie is a 2 yr old, affectionate black lab.  She was 131 pounds when we first picked her up from the shelter.  She tested positive for Lyme disease, and is on the medication, but has shown no symptoms.  Katie is down to 116 pounds now, because the medication is making her appetite smaller and because she  is getting good exercise on her daily walks.  Katie is fully housebroken, loves people and cats and does ok with our 2 dogs.  It’s clear that she has not had much interaction with other dogs, as she gives them mixed signals.  Katie likes to either be the alpha dog or lead dog if you are walking with other dogs.  While we were on vacation, Katie settled in well at my sister’s home-being an only dog.  That confirmed our suspicions about her liking to be a lead dog and more importantly an only dog.  Using a flexi-leash is a must, unless you want to be pulled around, as Katie is extremely strong.  She loves to play with her toys with you and settles nicely after a walk.  Katie is hoping to be a single dog in a home where she gets to enjoy long walks and be your best friend.

    May 24, 2017 Hello everybody!  This is Kate the Great Love Bug checking in.  I want to thank my Brookline family for the wonderful and thoughtful care package.  Life is good!  I have settled into the routine of my foster family.  If it wasn’t for the 2 humans I would be 2 or 3x taller than everyone else here.  We all get along just fine.  My struggle with my appetite has pretty much gone away since the vet has adjusted my antibiotic regiment.  I have the humans trained to let me out and back in with a simple bark.  My step brother & sister have been wonderfully patient and are teaching me how to play.  I had no experience, so I have lots to learn.  I also trained the humans that if I am the lead dog, I don’t pull too much on the leash.  I get to sleep with my foster Dad, which is really cool, because we get up at 4am to pee.  He then goes to work and I wait for the rest of the family to get up in 2 -3 hours.  My feline step-sister is with us every morning too. She really admires and looks up, up , up to me.  But I know that she is in charge.  I have had numerous opportunities to wade into the water on walks, but have not gone for a swim yet.  OH! By the way, I never knew squeaky toys could be so much fun! Thank you to everybody in the Brookline family for welcoming me.  It is truly a blessing to have the support and help from everybody. May 17, 2017

Katie is doing remarkably well given the fact that she has never been around other dogs.  She is getting along fine with Floyd our basset, Sparky our basset mix and Babycakes our cat (head of the household).  Katie was extremely anxious the first day or two she was here.  She is slowly learning our routine’s and habits.  She has had no accidents in our home. She can be a 131lb. love bug!  When Katie is the lead dog she does quite well on the leash.  However, if somebody else takes the point, she can pull like a 6 engine freight train. We will be working on that.  Katie also did well at her first bark park experience.  Also, Katie will not go into a crate, regardless of the bribe.  What 131lb. Katie doesn’t want to do, doesn’t happen.  Katie is not eating consistently yet and it seems to be because she was on a people diet.  We will not cave on that, as she can afford to lose it.  She’s been sleeping like a log in Doug’s bed and we keep her separated from our dogs all day-she’s got a nice love seat in our mudroom, so she has plenty of space to de-stress.

Someone is going to be so lucky to have all her love and attention.  She is eager to please and very loving.

For more information on this girl, please contact info@brooklinelabrescue.org.

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