April 22, 2017

Meet Katie!

Katie is a 9 yr. old 70 lb. black lab who joined Brookline 2 weeks ago.

She came from Brandywine Valley SPCA as a cruelty/neglect case along with one of her pups from a previous litter .  Katie has had many pups over the years and her last was just a few months ago.  Some of her other pups who were also seized made it to rescue but Katie and her son were too sick to be transported and landed at the shelter where she stayed for a month.  Families walked by her kennel time and again without even stopping to say hello or asking to meet her.  Luckily, she was shared on a FB post and that is when Brookline came to her rescue!

She has gone through quite a bit of change lately and when she arrived at her foster home she would cry often inside of the gate wanting to get out to find her family.

Fast forward 2 weeks and she is really beginning to look and feel better overall ! Her tail is always wagging, she is excited for her meals, walks and games of fetch.

She may have had a not-so-great past but she has such a sweet mothering spirit and is a very good girl who loves to give gentle kisses to anyone who will accept them!

Since she lived outdoors 24/7 her whole life she has transitioned to living inside considerably well. She is now house-trained and no longer fearful of using the stairs. Yayyy Katie!!!!

There are some medical issues to address prior to her being available for adoption – her canines and incisors are worn down/missing from eating rocks/sticks so a dental is on the list along with an overdue spay and some lumps/bumps to be checked/removed.  However, with some veterinary care, exercise and TLC to erase the damage from years living outdoors she will be healthy & ready to start her journey to find a forever home.

How It Works

Go to smile.amazon.com and sign into your Amazon account. In the field that says Search, type in Brookline Labrador Retriever Rescue (or Labrador Retriever Rescue) and hit Search. When it comes up, choose it as your charity. When you shop, sign into smile.amazon.com instead of plain old amazon.com, and every purchase will help our Labs! How easy is that?