Hi my name is Koko, although my foster mom affectionately calls me Koko Beans. I’m 8 years old and I have to admit I love being me. Feb. 13, 2017 Hi Everyone,

It’s Koko checking in to let you know that I am feeling great and will be looking for my new forever home very soon.
My foster mom thought I should let you know a few of my favorite things about me to see if I would be a good fit for you.
Since it is Valentine’s Day I figured it is appropriate to talk about the things that I LOVE!
I love to be spoken to in a soft sweet voice!
I love my soft fluffy bed!
I love tummy rubs!!
I love a nice long walk every day!
I love meal times!
If you can give me these simple things above I will be so very happy and will love you forever.
I know I have some medical conditions that cost a bit every month but I promise I am worth every penny.

  January 4, 2017

Hi there, it’s me Koko checking in and wishing you a Happy New Year!  I am hoping this will be fullsizerender-25my year to find my own special family.

I am feeling better than ever and can’t wait to meet whoever that may be.  My Foster Mom is always saying that they will be the luckiest people in the world because I am such a good girl. She can not think of ONE thing bad to say about me as hard as she tries absolutely nothing comes to mind. If you would like to hear all about my “pro’s” please feel free to reach out to her because she loves to talk about me !



November 22, 2016

img_7385So we finally realized the reason Koko’s sugars are high – it is because she is just oozing sweetness!!

We are continuing to get her regulated and she makes improvements every day.   Koko is the epitome of a mellow~yellow and is such a laid back girl who is so easy to care for and please.  A little baby talk and tummy rubs go a long way with this girl!

Koko enjoys a 30 minute stroll every day img_7386along with several naps here and there on her big comfy bed that she gravitates to often.  She is not big on toys or balls but does like marrow bones and bully sticks very much.  Just last night she carried her bone up two flights of stairs to her “night night” bed  so she could sleep with it.  Although she does not see very well, she gets around our house just fine and handles the stairs without issue.

      October 23, 2016

Hey it has been awhile.  It’s me Koko! !  Not much has been going on but I wanted to check in and say hi to everyone. I had a fun day today taking a ride which is my favorite thing ever to do.   I took a ride up to this beautiful part of the country called PA!  The trees are  changing beautifully.  We did one of my second favorites things to do which 20161023_101437was to take a walk even though it was kind of chilly.   I slept the whole way back but that’s what I normally do anyway.  I also got to hang out with one of my favorite people-my foster mom’s granddaughter.  I think she loves me because she’s always giving me hugs and kisses.  We finally got home and I took a long nap.  The day wore me out.  I’m looking forward to some more walks during the week.  I gotta go now. I think someone is calling me for a treat….bye everyone!!

August 30 Koko just wanted to give everyone a shout out to say that she is doing so well with recovery from her teeth cleaning.  She has finished all her pain medicine and has one more day of antibiotics.  She takes her medicine very well,,,she doesn’t know thFullSizeRender (1)at I sneak it in her food….ssshhh I won’t tell her if you don’t!  We have also started her on the new insulin medicine and in a few weeks we will check to see how her levels are doing at that time.  I do notice that she has a little more pep in her step after about a week of recovery. Tuesday morning we went out to potty and I saw my neighbors dog standing on the other side of the yard watching her.  He didn’t move but just kept watching her….no privacy at all!!….after she was done she must have seen him out of her peripheral vision because for the very first time since I have had her she barked!!!  It was like a baby taking her first steps it was so exciting!!  Koko continues to be such a wonderful affectionate loving girl.  She is a very low maintenance dog and spends her time napping and taking walks around the yard……She will make a wonderful companion for a quiet family. July 20, 2016 Hi my name is Koko, although my foster mom affectionately calls me Koko Beans. I’m 8 years old and I have to admit I love being me.  Brookline pulled me from a shelter who had accepted me from an owner who was close to euthanizing me.  When the nice guy picked me up and took me to my foster family. I knew that from that day on I had a second chance in IMG_6535life and that somebody was going to take care of me and love me and not give up on me.  I share my foster  home with 3 cats and a dog named Buddha.  I have to say I like them and I think they like me.  We get along pretty darn good.  Then there is this little girl that comes over a couple times week.  I like her a lot because she likes to take me out to the yard and walk around with me. I really like hanging out with her! I  spend most of my day sleeping.  Buddha and I like to hang out during the day even though he’s on one side of the gate and I’m on the other.  From what I gather  he likes to get into things  that he shouldn’t where as I get  the run of the house and he doesn’t.  I think they trust me more:)   Not to brag but I am the sweetest most loyal dog you will ever want to meet. FullSizeRenderWhen my foster mom comes home at night we have this  routine where she takes me outside for a walk, then I get a good brushing because I do shed a lot and boy does that feel good, and then I come back in to eat my dinner.  But there’s one little thing I don’t like about dinner time -I have to take medicine afterwards.   You see I’m diabetic. I have to take my medicine twice a day. It’s no fun but I need it to keep me alive.  The diabetes has affected my eyes and I have a hard time seeing out of them  because they are “cloudy.” My foster mom calls it cataracts.  Luckily I can see okay in one eye which helps me get around and see where I’m going.   Thursday I go for a test so that they can check my blood every 2 hours to make sure that I’m taking the right amount of medicine.  Wish me luck!!  I’ll keep you posted.   Even though I have these disabilities I still feel like the luckiest dog in the world because I’m alive and am so loved.

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