August 3, 2017

Hi it’s me Layla!  I wanted to update everyone on my progress here with my foster family.  I have some big news….my foster family is able to leave me out of my crate when they go out and I’m a good girl!  I have free roam downstairs and I’m a well behaved doggy while they’re gone.  They tell me they’re very proud of me and that makes me sooooo happy!  I have a great wiggle-butt spinning thing I do to welcome them home.  I used to try to jump on them when they came home, but for some reason they didn’t like that.  So I’ve been trying new greetings to let them know how happy I am to see them.  They seem to prefer it this way, so that’s what I’ve been doing.  I do still welcome new visitors with my leaping and licking ways.  Foster mom and dad say that one is still a work in progress.

My foster parents say I have really settled into a routine here.  I still need daily exercise and I LOVE to play fetch and Frisbee in the backyard.  In between play sessions, I am happy to relax right by my people.  I’ve gotten so good when walking on leash that foster mom says she can’t believe I’m the same dog.  The only time I pull on leash is when I see a new dog.  I pull and bark my “big girl bark”, but my foster parents have been working diligently with me.  I am able to walk past houses and yards with barking dogs now, but when I see a new dog coming towards me, I get nervous and bark.  Foster mom always has treats with her and I LOVE treats.  So we just cross the street and I get yummy treats while the other dog walks by.  She tells me I’m a good girl for focusing on her and then we continue on our way.

I am still looking for my furever family.  Foster mom and dad say they know they’re out there and they will help me to find them.  If you have any questions, please email my foster mom Autumn at  Thanks for reading about me!







April 27, 2017

Layla at camp last weekend.  Enjoy!

April 12, 2017

Hi, it’s me Layla, just checking in and giving everyone an update!   I had a big week last week; I went to doggy daycare for the first time.  I did really well with the groups of dogs there!  Although I have to say I stuck to hanging out with the people in the room more than the other dogs.  I really like people!  Sometimes I was in with the big dogs at daycare, and sometimes I was in with the medium dogs.  I’m flexible; it’s more about being with likeminded dogs for me.  Sometimes the big dogs were too much for me and I would get intimidated.   The nice people at my daycare know where I’m most comfortable based on the playgroups and place me accordingly.

Speaking of other dogs, I still bark at them when I see them on leash.  My foster parents think this is because I wasn’t socialized before coming into foster care.  I live with my foster fur-sister and we get along great, but new dogs when I’m on leash make me bark.  My foster parents say I’m all bark, but it’s a BIG bark.  FM and FD are working on counter conditioning with me.  That means I get yummy treats when I see a dog when I’m out for a walk.  I really like this!   They say it’s a process, but I’m learning.

My foster parents are very happy to report that I am much calmer in the house.  I rarely mouth anymore, I have learned to pick up a toy (usually a ball, those are my favorites!) and use that to self soothe rather than mouth.  I now jump next to or near my foster parents rather than on them.  They seem to like this, so that makes me happy.  I alert bark at people outside, but once they come into the house, they’re my best friend and I invite them to a wonderful game of fetch.  Who wouldn’t want to play fetch?!  Thanks for reading about me!

Love and licks,



March 25, 2017

Hi blog readers, it’s me, Layla, or as my foster parents call me, “No, Layla, leave it Layla”!  I think that’s a silly name, but my foster parents must like it because they say it all the time! Especially when I’m trying to show them how exciting an oven mitt can be or how much cool stuff is on the desk.  I’ve been trying to teach my foster parents how much fun keep away is, but they just won’t learn.  They won’t chase me when I steal something really cool, even though I’m giving them my best “catch me if you can” look!  That’s ok, I still really like my foster parents. 😉

I love taking walks and sniffing around the neighborhood.  My foster mom (FM) and foster dad (FD) say I’m a bit of a bull pulling for the first 5 or so minutes, but then I get the hang of the leash walking and do much better.  I sometimes bark at other dogs I see, but it’s just because I get so excited to see them.  Sometimes I even bark when I see dogs on tv.  My foster parents think that one is silly!

FM and FD say I’m learning a lot here with them, but that I will need to continue my training with my furever family.  I get really excited and need lots of structure and exercise according to my foster parents.  I’m also a champion cuddler and when I’m ready to relax, I love to snuggle up on the couch with my people.  Thanks for reading about me.  I think it’s time for another game of fetch now!





March 10, 2017

Hi, I’m Layla!  I am a spayed one year old female black lab.  I currently weigh about 80lbs. I’ve been with my foster mom and dad just a week now.  At first I was a little nervous and a lot excited.  I’m learning some manners both inside the house and out.  I’m getting better at walking on leash and FM (foster mom) and FD (foster dad) say a harness really helps with that.  It’s a process, but my foster mom and dad are patient and I want to please, so they say we’ll work on all of this together.

I LOVE balls and playing fetch.  My foster parents think I’m really cute when I carry one toy in my mouth while fetching the ball at the same time.  They call me clever.  I like that, clever!  I’m getting good at bringing the ball back to them to keep the game going.  I could play fetch fur-ever, but FM and FD say that’s not really an option, so I’m learning to self soothe too.

This week I’ve had lots of lessons and I’ve learned that desks, tables and counters are not for doggy’s paws.   I mean I still try every now and then, but it’s a halfhearted attempt  just to make sure FM and FD haven’t changed the rules.  You can’t blame a girl for trying!  I also learned a new command called “wait”.  I wait to get my dinner and before going out the back door.  FM and FD were impressed with how quickly I learned this command.

I have a foster fur-sister here with me too.  At first I was scared of her which made FM and FD laugh because I outweigh her by about 30lbs, and she only has three legs!  She’s a Brookline alum named Pepper.  Once I figured out that she was safe, we played tug together and we’ve been best fur friends since.

Keep a watch out for updates about my progress and training.  FM and FD say I have a lot to learn, but I’m already making progress.  Thanks for reading about me!

Layla 🐾

For questions about Layla, please contact