Leo – 5 YO yellow male


Big news for Leo.  He is officially available for adoption now, and ready to find his Furever home.  He should be happy with any family that wants to lavish love and attention on him (he does love his people attention!)  And tug toys.  Those are the best.  And walks.   Pretty much whatever you are doing, he wants to do it with you.


Introducing Leo. He is a very sweet, 70 pound, 5 YO yellow male. He was given to Brookline by his owner (who got him as a puppy) when she was forced to move into an apartment where they did not allow dogs. Thankfully she loved him too much to surrender him to a shelter, and was able to work with us to get him into foster care.

Isn’t he handsome? He gives nice kisses too!

Leo is now living in a foster home with another Brookline dog (Cookie), a matching yellow lab. Leo has adapted nicely to his new home, after a few days getting reoriented (and learning to be less excited with Cookie). He is great with people (just loves them) and good with dogs. He seems to love tennis balls and tug toys (man he loves tug toys!). And walks. All the new scents out there. He does fine passing other dogs and enjoys meeting people. Leash manners are also not bad, including passing and meeting other dogs.

That’s Leo closest to the cabinet!

In the house, he has been well behaved. Breaks out the sad eyes when we are eating, but takes No for an answer. and has not gotten into anything he shouldn’t.

Leo is just a sweet, happy lab that will make a wonderful addition to any family that wants to lavish love, attention and exercise on him. And he is quite the handsome devil!

Leo should be available for adoption next week, so keep an eye out for updates.