Lex, 7 year old yellow male

October 31, 2017

Hello everyone,
We figured it was time for another Lex update.  Lex is settled in quite nicely with his foster family.  Lex stood up for Floyd & Sparky the other week.  While heading out for a walk in 1 of our local parks, we were immediately charged by an off the leash aggressive dog.  Lex did not hesitate to intercede when this dog attacked our basset Floyd. It all happened so quickly and shockingly.  The dog’s mom quickly caught up & leashed her dog, we were quite proud of Lex.  Thankfully no one was hurt.
Lex has great news!  He is now a hiking fool and pulls his foster Dad, even on the longest hikes we take!  We have started to cut back his Rimadyl regiment as it appears that he no longer needs it.  Seems like the Cosequin is all he needs.  Foster Dad thinks a halti will be in his future now, because he is relentless with the pulling now.
Way to go Lex!  Our hero foster.  You make us proud!
We have neglected to mention that Lex is quite hard of hearing although he is quite easy to communicate with once you catch his eye.
Everyone survived the hike at Green Lane & slept very well Saturday night!

August 17, 2017

Meet one of Brookline’s newest additions Lex.  Lex came from a home of 4 dogs that lost their Dad due to medical issues.  The family worked hard to find rescues for all four dogs which is how Lex came to Brookline.   Lex is settling in with his foster family that consists of two other dogs (basset hounds) and a cat. He is very sweet and puts up with our basset hound Floyd’s antics.  He has a great appetite and is enjoying the walks that the 5 of us go on.  His back legs are quite weak and stiff, which we hope is from the Lyme disease that he tested positive for and that he will recover.  He gets along fine with everybody, including the cat.  Stay tuned for updates on this handsome boy.