February 22, 2017

Miss Macy has been with us now for about 4-1/2 months and continues to do really well! We’ve learned a few more things about her and wanted to share that she:

  • Can catch treats and is pretty good!
  • Likes fruit and veggies
  • Has gotten slightly better in the car, she still gets excited to go places but will settle down a bit
  • Doesn’t like getting her picture taken
  • Has a good nose and will sniff out dead rodents when we walk at the park in town (yuck!).  She is also pretty quick when she uncovers one and I’ve had to take a couple out of her mouth (yuck, yuck!!!).
  • Has a nice coat now with a pretty wave in it.
  • Still likes going on walks, getting attention, scoring treats, and relaxing on the couch!

As I’ve mentioned before, she is such a friendly and spunky girl.  She will go up to anyone and everyone to say hi – – people and dogs alike – – and not much fazes her.  We attended a rally in downtown Flemington recently and I took Macy with me, she did great with a few hundred people around!

Macy’s allergies have been under control and she was doing really well on her antihistamine, low-dose steroid and omega oil supplement but I noticed over the last couple of weeks that she was itching a bit more than what is now normal for her.  I took her back to the vet as we weren’t sure if it was dry skin due to the weather or her allergies acting up again.  The vet confirmed it was her allergies acting up again and she had developed a bit of yeast on her skin so she’s on a round of an antibiotic and an antifungal medication.

We have a follow up visit with the vet this week to make sure all is well and get his thoughts on whether we should change anything with her on-going treatment that a prospective adopter should be aware of as it appears that her allergies may be year-round.



January 3, 2016

img_1273Hi, it’s me Macy!  Happy New Year, I hope you all had a happy and peaceful holiday!  While my foster mom was visiting family out of state over Christmas, I got to spend time with my Aunt Maura who is another Brookline volunteer and had a great time.  We did some of my favorite things – – went on lots of walks and I got some nice treats and lots of attention.  Santa even knew where I was and sent me a few nice bones, yum!  I don’t like to brag but I heard my Aunt Maura tell my foster mom that I’m an easy-going dog who doesn’t act my age and that I’d make a good walking buddy as I “walk with purpose”.  Thadec-2016_macy_christmas-holidaynks, Aunt Maura, for letting me spend Christmas with you!

My foster mom said I’ll be available for adoption soon so keep your eye out if you’re looking for a friendly, easy going mature gal who is a bit spunky and doesn’t act her age!




December 20, 2016

dec-2016_macy_christmas-holiday-v1Macy had her follow-up appointment with the vet and got the thumbs-up from him.  Her allergies are under control now but she will need to be on an antihistamine indefinitely to manage them.  Also, she’s completing a low-dosage steroid prescription to manage her itching and the vet said she could possibly stay on that indefinitely but should be re-evaluated when she completes it.  Finally, she is taking an omega oil supplement which has helped her skin and fur so it would be best to stay on that as well.

Macy will probably be available for adoption after the holidays.  She is such a wonderful girl and would do well in a variety of homes (e.g., people of all ages, single person or family, no other dogs or a resident dog or two, working full-time or retired, etc.).  She has the right balance of being easy going but also a bit spunky!  An ideal family is one that would give her lots of attention and an occasional treat, take her on regular walks and outings, and let her on the furniture (she likes dog beds but prefers the couch!).



December 8, 2016

Miss Macy has been here for almost two months now, time sure does fly!   macy-orvis-event-11-12-16

She continues to be such a spunky and friendly girl.  She is very low maintenance, loves getting pats, and doesn’t act 13 years old.  Macy loves, loves, loves food and will help herself to anything left within her reach (she can also open up cupboards with her nose).  She enjoys going places, especially for walks.  She likes people of all ages and other dogs, she’ll say hi to anyone.  I’ve taken her to two Brookline events and she did great with all the people and dogs, I was so proud of her.

Macy doesn’t seem to be afraid of anything although she doesn’t care for the vacuum and will leave the room when it’s out.  She is a bit better in the car but still gets excited and doesn’t really calm down unless she’s on her way back from a long walk so this is still a work in progress.  She gets around very well for her age, she can be a bit stiff at times but not much.  She doesn’t have trouble with stairs but still hasn’t tried to jump up on the bed.  She does need a boost to get up into the back of the car so I’ve been letting her ride in the back seat as she can hop onto the floor and then onto the seat with no problems.

We’ve gradually worked up to free roam when no one is home and Macy has done fine.  macy-orvis-event-with-adoptme-vest-11-12-16-pic-2However, we don’t want one of the other dogs to inadvertently knock her over when we’re not home so are still keeping her gated off in the foyer unless only one of the other dogs is home and then she can hang out with them.  She doesn’t seem to mind it as she has a comfy bed, can still see the other dogs, and gets a kong filled with peanut butter which she enjoys.

It doesn’t happen often, but she will grumble if one of the other dogs gets in her face when they’re inside and in a close space.  Also, she will sometimes grumble at them if people food is out and at her level or close to it (e.g., on the coffee table or counter).  The grumble is more of an “I’m in charge” noise and the other dogs respect her signals so it hasn’t been an issue here.

We’re almost done with the meds the vet had prescribed to get Macy’s allergies under control but she may be on an antihistamine indefinitely.  He also said she needed to gain a few pounds which she’s done and is now at a good weight.  Her skin and fur look so much better and I think she feels better too.  We have a follow up appointment at the vet to check her progress but I think she will be available soon.



October 23, 2016

Miss Macy has been with us for a bit over two weeks and is doing really well.  Her personality has come out more and she is still very sweet and friendly, as well as a bit spunky too.  She also still loves food, people and getting attention (probably in that order).

macy10-18-16macy10-11-16We went to the vet for a check up and to get senior blood work done.  She does have a cataract in one eye and a small tumor on the outside of one eye.   Her hearing is fine and she has a couple of lumps as is common with older dogs.  She’s on the skinny side so he’d like her to gain a few pounds.  She also has a toe missing on her front paw – it looks like it was surgically removed for whatever reason, but all is well.
All in all, he said she’s in pretty good shape for a 13-year old other than her skin issue/fur loss/itching.  He was pretty sure she had a thyroid issue but her blood work came back normal (thyroid was low normal) so that was ruled out.  So we’re now treating her for allergies and she’s on medication (antibiotic, anti-fungal and antihistamine) for three weeks along with weekly medicated baths.  His hope is that this will get things under control and help her feel better so that, moving forward, she only has to take an antihistamine as needed.  I’m happy to report that we can already see a difference now that she’s on medication and had her second medicated bath today;  her coat looks better and it seems like she isn’t as itchy so I think she is feeling better too.

Macy continues to be very food motivated and does beg, she will stare at you intently in the gertie_coogan_ellie_macy_10-18-16hopes that you’ll either drop or give her something.  She hasn’t tried to counter-surf but will try to open up the pantry door and cupboards if given the opportunity.  She isn’t interested in toys or bones (unless they’re treats in the shape of a bone).  She’s doing well with the other dogs but still grumbles sometimes if one of them gets right up into her face to let them know she doesn’t like it.   Fair enough for a senior lady!

She loves to go on walks and gets excited if she knows she’s going to go somewhere so will do a little twirl.  She’s not great in the car and will stand, pace and whine.  I tend to think it’s because she’s excited and maybe hasn’t been in the car a lot so am trying to take her in the car for short trips to see if this helps.   She also gets excited when the other dogs play and will bark at them, run up and sometimes play nip at them.  Her tail is relaxed and wagging so it seems like she wants to play but just doesn’t know how.

macy10-19-16She likes to sleep on all the dog beds but prefers the couch and hasn’t tried to get up on a bed yet. During the day, I keep her gated off in a foyer area so she can see the other dogs but haven’t yet given her free roam.  She will whine and bark for a couple of minutes but then settles down.  She’s had no accidents in the house and has been left for up to 8 hours during the day.  Yay!





October 10, 2016

macy10-7-162-1Macy is settling into a routine and her personality has come out more over the last few days.

She’s still very friendly and likes people, attention and food.  She’s doing well with the dogs, there have been a few grumbles, but we’re monitoring it and giving her space.  She is very interested when they play and she’ll wag her tail or bark at them.   She doesn’t have any interest in toys or bones yet.  Did I say she likes food?

Macy knows basic commands like come and sit.  She also knows stay but it’s not consistent so we’ll work on it and see if she knows other commands too.  Her eyes are a bit cloudy and I think her sight may be impacted a bit.  She likes to sleep but when she’s awake is very alert.   Initially, we weren’t sure about her hearing but  it seems to be o.k. (sometimes you have to repeat yourself but not always) and she has a great sense of smell.  She gets around very well for a 13-year old and has little spurts of energy especially when food is involved.  I’m not sure I mentioned it yet but she really likes food.

macy10-7-161-1She hasn’t tried to get up onto the furniture until tonight.  All the dog beds were occupied and she was wondering where to lay down so she looked around for a minute and then climbed right up onto the couch next to me.  She has also started coming up to us for pats and has even given a couple of kisses.

Macy will be going to the vet soon to get her skin condition checked out and help her get better faster.




October 7, 2016

macy10-7-16Macy’s foster mom (FM) reports:

Macy is settling in very well.   I slept in the living room with her last night and woke up regularly to check on her.  She was always either sleeping or just laying there quietly looking at me.  I think she got more sleep than I did.

She doesn’t appear to be stressed but I know she’s not sure what’s going on so we’re taking macy10-10-161things slow.  I worked from home today and it was nice to spend more time with her.   She’s taken several naps and explored the house and yard a bit more.  She got a bath earlier today and is still itchy but looks so much better and I have to believe she feels a bit better too.

She knows sit and down but we’re not sure she knows her name.  Sometimes she responds and sometimes she doesn’t so it may be the tone of voice she’s responding to as she appears to have pretty good hearing.

She continues to be a sweet, friendly girl and enjoys attention.  I think her personality will come out even more over the coming days.


October 6, 2016

20161006_142903_001Meet Macy, the new girl on the block. Macy was rescued by Brookline when her owners returned her to a shelter because they could no longer care for her.  Volunteers evaluated her and just knew this sweet girl had to be saved.  Macy’s ins great shape save some missing fur/skin ussue and Brookline will get the beauty all fixed up and feeling better.

From her foster mom:

When she arrived, she checked out the yard and met the other dogs with no issues.  She was more interested in us as well as a cat she saw and a corner of the yard where we have two groundhogs that regularly hang out.

She then checked out the entire house and seemed to approve.  She’s gone to the bathroom, eaten her dinner, been drinking water and enjoyed a few treats.  She’s rolled around on the floor several times, I’m not sure if it’s because she’s itchy or it just feels good or both.  She took a long nap and was snoring but woke up a short while ago and is now taking turns dozing and getting pats.macy10-8-16

It’s hard to believe she’s 13 years old.  She’s a bit stiff when she first gets up but otherwise gets around really well.  She is very friendly and such a sweet girl.  I’m looking forward to giving her lots of TLC and getting her the medical care she needs.


Stay tuned for updates!