Maddox- 5 yr old chocolate male

November 27, 2017

Meet Maddox, one of the new Brookline kids on the block.  This handsome boy just came into foster care.  Before being surrendered,    Maddox was a stud dog on a farm and this is his first time in his home.  Needless to say he is keeping his foster mom on her toes as he learns about pottying outside.  He is not happy in a crate and his foster family has only successfully crated him at night when he can see them.  He whines a bit but then settles.

Maddox is doing very well with three other dogs here in the home, and while the cat is keeping a low profile, Maddox is beginning to understand that the cat is a member of the family and is not to be chased.  Maddox also greets people very appropriately and generally is a lovable guy,  Stay tuned for updates as we work on leash walking, house training and riding in the car (crazy) or for more information contact