Maisie, 4 year old black lab mix

Aug 2, 2017

Great news!  Maisie went to the vet a few weeks ago to get her medication adjusted and hasn’t had a seizure since! So all signs are that she should be heading towards available status soon!

Maisie is a very well behaved dog, who aims to please people! She lights up when she receives any attention. Maisie is very gentle with children, and plays nicely with other dogs. She loves to play with squeaky toys, and enjoys chomping on bones and bully sticks.

She’s happy to sit near you while watching tv, and prefers to sleep at the bottom of your bed, rather than her dog bed.

We are comfortable leaving Maisie home alone, as the only thing she’s ever destroyed were plush dog toys.  She’s fine in the crate or with free roam of the house.

Maisie is an all around gentle soul who adapts well to any environment.  She would make a wonderful addition to any family.

Who wants a belly rub??

July 15, 2017

Turns out Maisie’s seizures weren’t necessarily stress-related because they started to occur with more frequency, so Maisie was seen by a vet specialist who felt that based on Maisie’s age and the fact that she appears to be otherwise healthy, the seizures are likely caused by idiopathic epilepsy.  MRI’s confirmed this to be the case, so Maisie is now on phenobarbital and is doing really well! She did have one seizure last Sunday night, but it was short lived and she recovered quickly. The vet said to keep an eye on her as the meds begin to take effect.  Since then, she has been seizure free, and back to her happy self!

Maisie loves people! She wants to be near us and always makes sure she is in the same room with us. She’s not clingy, nor does she hang on our every move. She just wants to know we’re here!

She loves when we pet her, and just a simple gaze in her direction makes her tail wag! Any attention makes her happy!

She gets along with the kids, and they love her as well. She is completely unaffected when the kids bug her, as she wouldn’t hurt a fly!

Maisie also gets along with other dogs. Our puppy wants to play with her 24hours a day. As annoyed as she must be, Maisie handles it well. She is playful when appropriate, and let’s the puppy know when it’s time to rest.

Maisie is very well behaved in our home. She is house trained, knows the basic commands, and knows what she can play with and what to avoid. Maisie will make a wonderful family pet in almost any home!


June 20, 2017

If you are looking for a smaller-sized Lab mix, with a great personality, this is the dog for you!  Maisie is a 4 year old, 40 lb Black Lab mix, with a sweet personality, and a desire to please.  She is fully house-trained, knows the basic commands – sit, stay, lay down and gimme paw (especially for a treat!).  She doesn’t like to be too far away from you, but she’s not one to cling to your leg.  She’ll sit near you, and come into the room you’re in, but will give you some breathing room.

Maisie is fine in the crate when we leave to go to work.  She also doesn’t mind being in the crate at night.  However, she prefers the bed!  She’ll lay at the bottom of your bed if you let her!  She’ll sleep through the night, and will get up when you do!

Maisie would thrive in a calm home with no other dogs, but she is now acclimating to life with a puppy! She has begun asserting herself, and lets the puppy know when she’s had enough of the constant playfulness.  Therefore, I think Maisie would be fine as an only dog, or in a home with an older dog that can play and settle throughout the day.

She is great with kids, and doesn’t have a mean bone in her body. The children play with her, pet her, and Maisie listens to their commands.  She is on the smaller side, so for the few times she got excited and jumped up, the kids did not have any knockdown issues.

Maisie is a healthy, playful, sweet pup, but she does have one issue.  When she was in the shelter, she had a seizure when she was out on the main viewing area.  They believe it was stress related.  After a few minutes she was back to normal.  While in her foster home, she had one seizure, during her first few days with us.  It lasted a few minutes, then it was like nothing ever happened.  The big change, the constant prodding of a puppy, and all new surroundings most likely caused the seizure.  The veterinarian said since these are infrequent, she does not need medication, and we just need to keep an eye on the frequency, duration, and possible cases.  So far, so good!