Manny, 10 year old Yellow Lab

October 31, 2017

Happy Halloween! Here’s an update from my foster mama:

First, he is a complete baby doll. He loves car rides and walks and going to the kids’ sports games and just being with the family. He loves the action and seems to be making up for lost time by just soaking up as much activity as he can. Yesterday was a rainy pumpkin carving day and he was up for helping out. He is doing well and is just happy to be part of the pack. He doesn’t like to be left out or alone. If all the other pups are out, then he goes out. He waits at the bottom of the stairs for me and and the kids and if we take too long, he lets us know. He is scheduled for surgery on Friday with Dr. Howe-smith so he will be in good hands. He is a complete angel.

September 28, 2017

 Meet Manny!
So get this everyone… I was surrendered to ACCT Philly by my owner who was being sent to prison. “Ruh-Roh”, I barked, you mean to tell me just because HE did bad things and is getting locked up that means I have to too ? How is that fair ?
I am a good boy and never misbehave!!
Luckily, Brookline agreed and busted me out of there quickly along with the help of some of my social media followers who helped them cover some of my medical costs.  Thank you so very much – I am sooooo happy to be free again!
Here is what my foster Mom has to say about me: Manny is a doll. He is a homework buddy, cuddle buddy and a just make everyone smile buddy.  He is non-reactive to everything and just loves being loved on and being with his people.  Such a sweetheart who we enjoy having in our home.
*Manny will be getting the veterinary care needed and will be searching for his forever home soon. Please check back for updates!*

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