Max SG

Max SG 7 year old neutered male    

Hey, Max So Good here. I learned a new trick over the last few weeks. Learned it with the help of my foster sibling Hope. I have been watching her the last few weeks and wondering why she liked doing it so much. Someone would throw a stupid tennis ball and she would run and get it and bring it back. She would do it forever! So finally, I thought I would try it to see what all the fuss was about. I even became a movie star. Check it out! Well, it is is fun and I love all the running I get to do! Check out the ball I use!

Well, see you all later! Max

        April 20, 2017 Hi Brookline family.  This is Max (SG).  They tell me the SG stands for Spring Grove, but I know it stands for “so good.”  I have been learning a lot about what it means to be a house dog that is loved and well taken care of.  I have been eating great food and getting coconut oil rubs and my fur is growing back soft and handsome.  I am even getting a nice brown colored undercoat that I never had before.

Lately, I’ve been introduced to new things.  I met a friend (grandson) who is 14 months old, and we had a great time together.  His toys were strewn all over the floor and I never took one of them even though he took my toys.  I was ok with sharing.  That boy could run too – all over the house, but I never knocked him down or was jealous.  He loved me a nd hugged me and laughed at my kisses.

There is a miniature Yorkie who lives next door whose whole body is as big as my head.  He has a trainer so he can learn good behavior.  The trainer introduced us because our folks wanted us to get along.  It was easy because I was “So Good.”  Steve (the trainer) says I am not an alpha dog and I have great social skills.  I knew this already but nobody ever asked.  Tyrion (the Yorkie) and I get along ok now.  All I want to do is be around people and be loved. When I am out, I only bark at other dogs if they bark at me first.  I feel like that is what I am supposed to do. Last Saturday I met some Brookline family in Doylestown.  It was my first time out in a public area with so much foot traffic.  I was “So Good.” &n bsp;I met lots of people who gave free love.  I met a friend in a wheelchair.  She was nice and pet me.  I made her smile.  I was hugged by a little person (maybe 2 years old).    He giggled when I kissed him.  He even tried to swing his leg over my back for a ride.  That made everyone laugh.  I even got a bath.  Thanks to Steve from PetValu for being so generous.

I sleep through the night.  I am house trained (no accidents).  I have a special bowl for eating my food that slows me down, and I am even getting good at sitting and waiting until the bowl is placed on the floor before I start to eat.  This is hard for me, but I listen to sit and stay with a hand motion (as long as foster mom repeats the command).  She has even picked the bowl up a few times that I have not listened and waited until I settle down.  I quickly settle and sit back down because I want what is in the bowl.  She tells me I am “So Good.” I love chow time.  Who am I kidding; I love food no matter what time of day it is.  I even have a tendency to counter surf.  The other day I snagged two turkey sausages from a plate at the back of the counter.  Mom isn’t sure how it happened since I didn’t move the plate.  Oops, that wasn’t “so good.”

I am getting much better walking on a leash.  Hope (my foster sister —a Brookline dog adopted three years ago) is a great teacher.  I know my name and respond to “Come” on command.  I am smart and “So Good.”

I hope to find my forever home soon. -Max (“So Good”)

April 2nd Max is adjusting well to his new home. He has become a part of the family. Max sure loves some attention and a belly rub. He and our resident dog get along fine, but our dog is not very social and just goes about her business as if he is not there. They do vie for attention, but there is plenty to go around. He answers to his name when called and usually comes running unless another neighborhood dog gets his attention. Max is learning how to walk on a leash. He still pulls, but is learning. His main issue seems to be his curiosity. His attention is so easily changed. His fur is returning. His skins still is dry and itchy, but a few people have given us advice on how to remedy that. He is a very good dog and will make a great pet for someone. He acts way younger than we were told he is. March 30th Max is continuing to fit in nicely with our dog and family. His leash walking is improving, but he is so inquisitive, he has a hard time staying on task when walking. He still does pull, but he tries to zig and zag the entire way. Every noise he hears is something he needs to explore. He also wants to go into every yard along the way. I am sure this is something we can get him used to. He is able to left free at night. He comes up to our bedroom and winds himself into a small ball at the side of our bed and sleeps quietly through the night. There was some noise outside that got his attention last night though and he did bark a few times but settled down quickly. He does react to noises outside, but usually just to look out the window. His main issue is that he jumps up some when we come home after being out for a little. He just wants some attention and after a few minutes does quiet down to a normal level. This is also something we need to get him to stop doing. I think it is just from a lack of love from his previous owners. He seems that he just wants to be loved. As far as playing outside, he loves to draw a stick around before ripping it to spreads. If I throw it, he does go and get it and bring it back. He does run around with our dog as she chases a tennis ball around, but always lets her bring it back. He is continuing to fit in well and will make some family very happy someday!!!   March 27th Max has settled in at our house. Our dog, Hope, is doing well with another dog in the house. She just keeps going by her routine as if Max is not even here, unless belly rubs are going on. Max has been a very good boy. He is a little more active than our dog, but is calming down some. He does like to run around outside. He chases after our dog when she runs to get the ball, but let’s her take it then runs back with her. He does come when called. He is a little more active when he sees or hears another dog then our dog, but that just seems like he is excited to see another dog and wants to play. Not interested in any toys yet. We will see how that goes. When we walk them, he still does pull some at the beginning of our walk, but soon settles in and walks right next to Hope. Well, almost. He is very curious and doe zig and zag some, but does get back on task with a gentle “Max.” He is scratching less. No more open sores and just a couple that are still a little raw. He is on good food and some fish oil, so hopefully his fur will grow back soon. He loves to cuddle up on his bed too. He is adjusting well and will make a great companion once he learns a few commands and becomes less jumpy. He does calm down quickly. He is eager to please and loves belly rubs and attention. Cannot wait to see how he is in a few weeks with some friendly companions.

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