February 26, 2017

I am officially a special needs dog and I continue to be on a medical hold.  I have Idiopathic Epilepsy.  After being off my medication for a few months last fall, my Foster Mom (FM) and Brookline are working diligently to get my medications and dosage just right so that I can be as seizure free as possible.  The goal is six or less seizures per year.  I’ve had that many already in 2017!  February was another tough month.  I had multiple seizures for five days in a row during the second week of February; I had to be hospitalized again.  I ended my stay by spending Valentine’s Day with my favorite staff at NorthStar Vets.  My medications were adjusted again.  For the past two weeks I have been seizure free.  All of my medications are given on a 12 hour schedule (breakfast at 6 AM; dinner at 6 PM).  The good news is that if I stay seizure free for at least a month, I could be available for adoption in late-March.

Each time my medications are adjusted (increased) it sets me back a bit.  It takes me a couple of weeks to adjust to the new levels, so I seem a little dazed and not quite myself during those two weeks.  I start doing my pacing again and I get extra mouthy.  I even have potty issues in the house during the first week of adjustment.  I can’t seem to control holding my urine or stool and have accidents.  Lots of extra work for FM, but she has a great deal of understanding and patience with me since she knows it’s not my fault.  FM mom hopes that some day I can find an adopter that will be as understanding and loving with me.

I’m enjoying life in my foster home.  I really like having two foster-siblings; two female dogs.  Roxie, the young Lab, and I play together all the time.  Other than being gated in the kitchen during the workday, I have free roam of the house.  We still have a pet-sitter visit each day at lunchtime to take us outside.  She plays with us and lets us play with each other.  I have so many toys and bones!  I love toys and bones.  I also have a habit of chewing on wood (like furniture!) when I feel bored.  FM keeps a close eye on that!  We have all kinds of bones for chewing:  Nyla-bone, natural hard bones, antlers, and soft bones.  I love to play retrieve with a ball.  I also love long walks.  FM and I go to the park every weekend for long walks through the park and the wooded trail.  It’s my favorite walk and time with her.  She keeps making me sit next to rocks and stuff to take photos of me because I am so handsome (see photos).

If you are interested in me and know that you can handle my medical situation and costs, please keep an eye on me, especially in late-March when I might be looking for my new forever home.  Again, I am special needs.  I also have some quirks that prevent me from being placed in a home with children (I’m not polite about taking food from hands or waiting to be offered the food), I can be very mouthy at play and to get attention (I grab toys and fingers together at times… we’re working on “drop it”), and my seizures can be too much for children to experience.  So, me and FM are hoping I can find an adult only home/owner(s) that can spend time with me on a daily basis…maybe retired or working part-time.  An active lifestyle is better for managing my energy level.  I’m such a great companion, it would be a shame not to spend a great deal of time with me enjoying life!

January 15, 2017

IMG_1040Oh boy, 2017 did not start off that great for me!  I’m happy and basically healthy; however, my new year started of with a few seizure events.  So I continue to be on a medical hold.  The first week of January was tough.  On January 2 I had one seizure that lasted about four minutes.  I was taking a morning nap and bang it happened!  Then on January 4, I was taking an evening nap and low & behold I had at least four (4) seizures with each lasting almost five minutes!  I was seizing for at least a half hour, then I had trouble recovering; even had vision problems for hours after.  During my seizures Foster Mom was on the phone with NorthStar Emergency.  They instructed her to get me there as soon as we could get into the car.  We were there shortly after 8 p.m., I was evaluated, and hospitalized.  The ER vet wanted to keep me for observation, to put me on IV fluids, give me Valium, and to do bloodwork.  My medications were adjusted and a third anti-seizure medication was added to my daily routine.  I was discharged the next day at noon and closely watched at home.  Unfortunately at about 8:30 p.m. I had another seizure, but it only lasted about two minutes.  I’m happy to say all has been well since then.  I had a follow-up vet visit and on January 16, I am having a Neurology consultation at NorthStar.  Brookline sure takes good care of us Labs!  Thank goodness!
I continue to do well in my foster home.  It took me most of December to really IMG_1113figure out the routine.  I give my foster mom some challenges.  I did have housetraining issues the first few weeks.  I am a “pacer”.  Quite often I walk the floors throughout the night.  I take short naps, but I just can’t settle.  The clicking of my nails on the wood floors keeps foster mom awake at times.  About 1-2 a.m.each night (morning!), she puts me outside for a potty break and then she puts me in my crate so that I settle and sleep.  I sleep until about 5 or 5:30 a.m., then I start barking for everyone to get up and let me out.. and especially to feed me!  Foster mom swears I get worse once the coffee pot starts making her morning coffee – I want her up!  Since she feeds me and starts my medications at 6 a.m., it’s pretty easy to assure she gets up.  He-he!  I get two of my  medications every 12 hours (6 am breakfast & 6 pm dinner); and the third medication is given every 8 hours (6 am breakfast, 2 pm pet-sitter break, & 10 pm bedtime).  It is a busy schedule, so something my future adopter/family will need to consider…. But I am worth it!
Please watch for more about me as we figure out my care and medications.  I’m hoping to be available for adoption soon.  Please check back!

  December 16, 2016 image1-20My name is “Maxmillion”, but I go by “Max”.  I will be six years old in January and I am a purebred Labrador Retriever.  My journey with Brookline Lab Rescue started on December 2016 (see my freedom ride photo!).  I ended up at a shelter on November 25, after my owner decided she could no longer afford me due to job loss two years ago.  You see, I have idiopathic epilepsy and require Phenobarbital and Keppra twice daily.  It was just too much for her so she hoped I could find a better home/family to take care of me.   image2-12Today I am enjoying life in my foster home with my foster mom, Roxie (2.5 year old black Lab) and Abby (10 year old Rat Terrier mix).  We all get along great!  We play, eat, take walks, sleep, and play some more.  After only two weeks I have really adjusted to their work and life schedules.  Of course, we have a nice pet-sitter that visits at lunch each day.  She plays with me too!  I spend half the day in my crate and the other half restricted to the kitchen.  Foster mom hopes she can eventually  give me the run of the house.  During my first week I did have some housetraining issues and I did some “carving” on a kitchen chair… so she is taking her time fully trusting me and I don’t blame her.   I know I am a very handsome boy!  As I mentioned, I do have epilepsy.  Now that I am back on my daily doses of medications, I have been seizure free.  I did have seizures at the shelter because I had been off my medication for a while.  Foster mom says I am on a “medical hold” and not quite ready for adoption consideration.  In January I have to have my Phenobarbital level and Liver Function blood work done to make sure my medication levels are appropriate and not causing any side effects.  So for now, please follow my blog as we share my story and status.  More to come!  

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