August 18, 2017

Minnie is sweet, easy-going, happy 10-year-old yellow lab that loves being a family petafter many years of work as a breeder.  She was not accustomed to being in a home, but has adjusted very quickly and obviously enjoys it!  She loves people and gets along well with other dogs and with cats.  She has made a lot of progress with house-breaking, and currently as long as she is taken out a few times a day, or is in her crate she does

not have accidents in the house.  She enjoys sleeping in her crate at night, and sometimes goes in on her own during the day to take a nap.  Minnie is very calm.  She doesn’t jump up on people or bark.  She’s always ready for a walk, but does not requirea lot of exercise.  She just wants to sit quietly next to you.  She is in good health, and currently is only on medication for her ears.  Next week she will be spayed and have her teeth cleaned.  Soon she will be ready for adoption and will make a terrific,