December 31, 2016

image1-21Hello friends and Brookline family,

In less than 2 hours, I will be a year older. Still very active but hopefully calmer. Lots of things happened today. First thing in the morning was a vet visit at Newtown Vet where I met at least four dogs. I was very interested in saying hi to all, which I did without any barking or jumping. Foster dad was so proud of me. Came home and then two hours later, foster dad’s relatives came for a family get together. Lots of food and noises. And small kids. I was even allowed to go upstairs for a family group picture! I was good and friendly. Check out my pictures. I started on prednisone today for my itching. But I’m drinking a lot as well. So foster dad sends me in the backyard for more bathroom breaks. And the vet said that I can use another 10 lbs in addition to my current 80. I like that vet very much ! I’m so tired and so I am passed out on my comfy couch. Happy new year! Moe

December 25, 2016

I hope that you have been more lucky than I am when it comes to chocolate chip cookies and apple pies. Maybe it will be a different story on Christmas

In the meantime, I am proud to inform image2you that I was well behaved when left alone with free roam of the family room and laundry room today for three hours. No need for the crate.

I also had a chance to meet Harley the cat, behind the baby gate. I didn’t jump and didn’t bark. Two meetings and I had the same reaction. Hopefully the next time it will a real face to face with some sniffing.

image4I met some people last night; relatives who came to visit my foster.  I played rough with this one guy who wanted to play rough. At the end of our play, he said, look…no scratches, no bite marks. No nothing. I might had been an excited player with some rough moves, but I was also super gentle at the same time. This guy wanted to take me home with him. Can I adopt Moe, he said. I hope that he’s serious.

Yesterday was tiring with about an hour of training, my first with trainer Jenn. I learned image1how to remain focused and follow the sit command consistently.  She said this should help me when I’m being walked. Thanks to those yummy rabbit treats and something that sounded like a clicker.  Thanks to Super cool Brookline volunteer, Lisa S, who drove me to the training facility in Newtown.

Today, I had some more lessons at home, but I think I was more interested in the treats. Who can stay focused when those treats are so good.

When I woke up this morning, I was told to be quiet; apparently I snored while sleeping. Guess what? I managed to sneak up and by morning I was sleeping with my head on the same pillow as my foster. Who wouldn’t snore when you have a nice comfy couch and a pillow to sleep on!

Today, everything seems to be red colored. My red bandana. My red leash. My red stocking. A red cookie. What’s with this red?  It must be almost Christmas.

I hope that your Christmas is going well. If you don’t celebrate it, enjoy the holidays anyway.

December 14, 2016

img_7572Hi.  I’m Moe.  I’m 4 years old and my life just got a lot better.  You see, up until now I lived outside and I wasn’t allowed to go inside.  Then my people got sick and luckily Brookline came to my rescue since I needed a new home.  I’ve spent the last few weeks house training and learning my manners with people and other dogs, and how to walk well on a leash.  I’m including some photos because I keeping hearing people say how handsome I am.  Stay tuned for updates.

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