Moose #2

April 19, 2017

Moose is still waiting for his family, but in the meantime he is enjoying Spring and all the extra outdoor time.  He knows the routine and is easy to have here.  He even welcomed a new foster into the home without too much fuss.  She was in heat and so wanted nothing to do with him, but after some initial grumbling he accepted her as one of the pack.  If you you think Moose might be the perfect fit for your family, please email for more information.                   March 23, 2017 Hi there.  It’s me Moose and I’m dictating to my foster mom because I am too comfy to get up.  We had a great walk this morning but I need to rest and recuperate for our next outing.  I wanted her to tell you that I am getting more and more relaxed meeting people. I hardly ever bark at them but I DO want to go meet them.  Since I’m so handsome, they are usually happy to accommodate me.  What can I say – to know me is to love me.  Oh wait I have to confess.  I have not learned not to bark and run towards the door like a maniac if anyone knocks or rings the bell, but my tail is wagging voraciously.  Like I said, to know me is to love me.  Don’t tell my foster mom but I think I love my foster dad a bit more than my foster mom.  She thinks that’s because my first owner was male, so  I’m not going to hurt her feelings and tell her it’s probably because my foster dad is a little more fun. I do love it here and am enjoying having fur sisters, but I know my foster parents want to help other guys like me, but they can only do it one dog at a time. When I think what might have happened if I had stayed in the shelter (don’t get me wrong they were nice enough), I realize that I do need to find a furever home of my very own.  I am sweet, I am handsome, I have a lot of personality and I am fiercely loyal.  I’d love to be your best friend and companion.  Just contact my foster mom at if you want to know more about me.  She likes talking about me!   Sleeping in on a snow day with my brother!             Feeling pretty relaxed.             Chillin with my fur sister Playing in the snow:         March 1, 2017 Hi, this is Moose checking in.  My foster family says they think I am ready to be made available for adoption.  I’m pretty happy here so I’m a little worried about what my next chapter might be.  I guess I am a bit of a worrier. I want to know what the sounds are that I hear, who is coming home when the garage door opens, who’s at the front door.  My foster parents say I am doing better but I still bark.  Hey I have a nice deep bark. Some say I am loud.  My foster mom is also learning that I can pick up on her stress so if she’s calm, I’m much more apt to be as well.  I still feel like it’s necessary for me to bark at new people but all the while my tail is wagging.  I just want to make sure you are a friend, not foe.  When you come in and pay me some attention I’m quick to give you a kiss and I’m happy to roll over and have you rub my belly. If I have to go to a new home, I’ll tell you that I’d love to be your hiking partner.  I love being outside and I’m quite good on a leash (unless my fur sisters aren’t on leashes and then I’d rather pull you to keep up with them), I stick to the trails and I don’t try to eat all the strange things my fur sisters think are so tasty: acorns, deer poop, dead critters, although once there was horse manure on the trail and I thought it was fairly yummy.    I’ve learned that couches are for people and my foster family has a crazy number of dog beds scattered throughout the house so I’ve claimed my favorites. But they did cave and let me sleep with them at night.  I don’t want them to change their mind, so I’ve learned to make myself fairly compact and to be very quiet and I don’t snore (well not very often anyway).  I love being with my pack! I like other dogs but so far I haven’t done well with alpha dogs or hyper dogs that are a bit unpredictable.  I’ve had two encounters where dogs have run right up to me and while I think they started snarling and carrying one first, my foster mom isn’t so sure.   When I met my two fur sisters for the first time I was a little unsure but they were pretty mellow after some initial excitement and we’ve been cool ever since.  In fact we play quite well together-  our favorite games are keepaway and tug.  Sometimes my 7 year old fur sister yells at me when I’m obnoxious and I back down when she tells me. I take treats nicely, I share toys, I know some commands and I’m really pretty silly at times.  And I’m smart- my foster parents think I understand a lot of what they’re saying especially when they’re talking about me.  Last but not least I live with a cat.  I have tried to be her friend but she is fairly old and crabby at times and is not interested so I just leave her alone.  I think I might like having a fun cat around.  We might be pals. More than anything I want to be part of your family.  When I’m included is when I’m happiest (check out my smile).  I will be your best friend if you will be mine. Please contact for more information.     February 9, 2017 IMG_8044Moose is out for a walk with his foster dad so I’ll be filling in for him today.  Moose loves, loves, loves his walks and we haven’t really been able to tire him out.  I expected him to be somewhat out of shape relative to our resident two labs but that has not been the case.  While he settles nicely once home, he’s eager and ready for the next walk whenever that might be (and sometimes whines to encourage me)!  Indeed Moose is settling really well here and he is a total love bug.  He is beginning to play very nicely with his fur sisters, but more than anything he loves his people and he wants to know where they are.  He’s a very happy boy then!  My understanding is that he was left alone for very long periods in his home, and this clearly stressed him out.  We’ve been practicing leaving him for longer periods and while he is unhappy to see us leave (he whines), when I check up on him via video camera, he is snoozing away with the rest of the crew. Moose is still a barker and if he hears something “strange” he’s the first to let you know. IMG_8061 Strange can include a groan from the heat pump, the ice maker dropping ice, the garage door opening, someone walking around upstairs that he forgot was home, etc…  He is getting better, but it’s going to be a slow process.  Maybe because he was alone before, he felt like he had to be in charge and guard the house.  Similarly when we are out on walks, he seems to think he needs to let me know about any person or dog within eyesight.  This of course can be very off putting, but we’re learning that as soon as he greets the person (but they need to let him greet them) he befriends them instantly.  That was not the case for the dog that came running off leash towards us who was very forward.  Moose lunged and snarled in response and it wasn’t fun for me.   While I knew his being on leash and the other dog not probably contributed to the situation, I couldn’t of course let him off the leash.  Yesterday a skier (and off leash dog) skied right into our yard though from the woods out back and Moose who was off leash barked but did fine with the person and the dog.  Since we live in a remote area, I’ve had to make the effort to take him to parks to expose him to more people so he can practice learning to ignore them.   Again a work in progress. IMG_8073Moose clearly was used to being allowed on the furniture but while we’re home at least (see photo- Moose is busted!!)  he learned with a few reminders that couches are for people.  Early on he surprised us by hopping up into the bed at night, but we realized really quickly that he curls up and tries to take as little room as he can (so hopefully he won’t be noticed) and really hardly moves the whole time.  So we’ve caved and let him do this.  Did I mention he is really cute! Moose knows a lot of commands: sit, down, paw, roll over, stay and we do think he is very smart.  He’s a big boy – 112 pounds the last time we weighed him and that’s lighter than when he arrived- but he’s a beautiful labby shape with a big blocky head and he has some great jowls like my last large male lab did. IMG_8102Moose will be available soon and he’ll be looking for a family that can incorporate him into their daily life as much as possible since he’s had enough years of manning the fort solo.  We’re working with a trainer who thinks that Moose would do best with another easy going dog to remind him how dogs behave, and to keep him company when his people are gone.  And I’m not recommending  a home with young children only because Moose is so big and because his bark would be particularly intimidating to someone much smaller than him (which would occur with young kids and their frequent play dates).  I do think he’d be wonderful with young kids so visiting kids should be fine- as in grandchildren, neighbors with kids.  We do know that Moose grew up with kids (0-10) and lived with two other dogs and a cat.  If Moose could talk, I know he’d tell me that his motto is : To know you is to love you.  Because he is an alert barker, I might be concerned if he’s going to be hearing a lot of neighbor noises throughout the day; houses are few and far between here in his foster home so we can’t really test how much he’d get used to the sounds.IMG_8090 Please contact for more information.           January 28, 2017 IMG_7994Hi,  my name is Moose but apparently I am Moose #2 because there is another handsome feller on this site with the same name.    Oh well, I guess I can handle being number 2 because maybe it just means that I’m twice the fun.  Anyway let me tell you a little bit about myself.  Brookline “rescued” me from a shelter after I was surrendered by my family about a month ago.  I’m not sure why my fur brother and I had to go, but it had something to do with dog allergies and long work hours.  I wasn’t sure what to make of being in a shelter and while it was clean and  I got yummy food and  the staff really liked me, apparently the barking I did when anyone came near my kennel made the shelter folks realize that I was going to have to get adopted another way since when I behaved that way, no one wanted to come meet me IMG_7981 So in came Brookline and I’m now with a pretty cool foster family.  I have a mom and a dad, a teenaged brother (and two in college that will visit). I’m also lucky enough to have two fur sisters – one yellow lab and one black lab  and we are quite the trio.  There is also a cat but she needs to take a chill pill; she wouldn’t even let me sniff her and tell her that I have lived with cats in peace before she nailed me with those sharp claws!  I took it like a gentleman but I plan on giving her a wide berth until she realizes that I come in peace!  And I love where I live.   There are lots of cool walking paths nearby and I’ve gotten to go on two walks a day.  Boy do I love that.  My foster mom (FM) says I need some leash work but I haven’t pulled her over yet, so I’d say I’m doing pretty well considering how excited I am to be exploring!IMG_8005 (1) IMG_8003 (1)What else can I tell you about me? I just turned 5.  I’m handsome, but I guess that’s obvious.  FM says I’m really big but I think I am just right.  She says I have a big blocky head and great conformation – con for what??!  Can’t she use words I understand? I am a happy boy with my new family but mom says I have to work on relaxing (there are a lot of new sounds that make me alert bark) and I bark at strangers and apparently they find that off putting -humph.  But my FM knows I am all bark and no bite (I told you I’m a gentleman) so I guess I’m going to have to learn to cool IMG_8011it to make them happy. Stay tuned for updates! Pawfully yours, Moose #2  

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