Moose is a 10 year old, neutered male !


Hey everyone!
Moose here, grabbing some time on Foster Mom’s laptop. I thought I would update you on whats been going on in my world.

I have been at the shore most of the summer, living the good life in Cape May County NJ.

Foster Dad drives me to the beach, even though it is only a block away, because I can’t make it the whole way. He wants me to save my energy and walk to the water. You see I have 4 bad legs and I need to keep my muscles built up.

I love the water and flop right down in the waves. Foster Mom and I swim out deep to exercise my legs. She leads the way and I follow behind.  Don’t tell her 😉 but I’m really just making sure she doesn’t drown 😉

Last week I had a growth on my eye removed and I also had this procedure done called PRP injections. ( platelet rich plasma a portion of the patient’s own blood having a platelet concentration above baseline, to promote healing of injured tendons, ligaments, muscles, and joints.)  There are a lot of steps at the shore so we are hoping these injections will help me not to limp and to do better on the steps. As for right now I’m looking for a home with one floor, Foster Mom said this is called a Ranch home. I do OK going up the steps but coming down, lets just say, it is not fun and Foster Dad carries me most of the time.

I’m still living with my girls, Stella and Harley, and I look out for them like a big brother. Foster Mom has tried to have a boy dog stay over for a few days,  but I put my foot down and said no male dogs, nope not around me. On my walks I’m fine passing by as long as they don’t get to close to “my girls.”

Next thing you need to know is I have to take my meds everyday. I’m on Tramadol and Rimadyl and when I have a bad day I take muscle relaxers too! My adopter must be able to provide these pills for the rest of my life, Foster Mom does not want me in pain …ever!

So that’s about it, except I did get my pictures done down at the Bay by @justin_block from Instagram and everyone says I’m so handsome!

Love Moose!


10 yr old Moosey Goose is avail to a home who will love him forever. He is the best cuddlier, really puts the head on you and snuggles.
Moose has had water therapy and walks for 3 months to strengthen his legs. As we all know everything hurts less if you lose a few pounds and exercise. The same goes for Moose.
He loves the couch and claims it by racing you to the couch, lift him off he will jump back on before you can sit down! Try and move him again and he will lay out flat and not move.
He does the happy dance when you come home now even for my husband.. He is good with our female dogs but does not do good with males dogs. He doesn’t say why, and no cats either
Daily slow walks, cuddles at night and he will love you forever.



Moosey is doing so good, he now can walk the entire trail in the woods and sometimes even gets a burst of energy and run! His back legs are stronger and his front too. He has lost 6 pounds and must must stay lean for his legs to feel better. He will be avail very soon to a family that will promise to walk him daily  so he is pain free. This boy just loves to cuddle on the couch at night and play with his foster sisters during the day.
Moose cuddles1Moose cuddles2










Moosy here or as my Foster Mom says Moose Goose! I went to the beach today and boy was that fun. We stopped for lunch and I got to hang out on the outside patio. I had a hot-dog and roll!
moose-video4I don’t where all the people were, but we had the beach to ourselves. Foster Mom forgot the ball so I only got my toes wet, but it was fun. I’m hoping my new family will have a beach house or lots of land as I love to walk and I NEED to walk EVERYDAY for my legs. moose5moose6
That will be part of what I need, a family dedicated to me and only me. My legs are bad from my former life and Foster Mom now says only the best of the best for me, she says I deserve it. I’m old and sweet and not a mean bone in this body. When we don’t go to the beach we walk in the woods everyday. I love the mud puddles and Foster Mom yells no no Moose….but I lay down in the muddy water anyway 🙂









Moose Goose here!
You know you are special when the Doc comes in, sits down, looks at you and says…..”Geez there is something special about this dog.”     🙂
So I had my re-eval. My vet was very happy and said I gained muscle mass in all 4 of my legs! Well duh, of course I did, that walking in water on the treadmill is tough.  🙁
I like it though, because everyone makes a fuss over me and says “I just love this dog.” One lady named Carie wants to take me home and love me forever.
My vet said I need 5 more weeks of water therapy, only once a week now and walks at home everyday. I now get to go with Stella and Harley on the woods walk! I hear them talking all the time about chasing deer, the good stinky smells and all the puddles of mud to play in.
Foster Mom only lets me go half way though, she says we have to work up to the long hike little by little. mooseal
I’m also working hard on the young girl who lives here. She keeps asking me if I want to stay??
Not sure what that means but I bet I’ll know next update  😉
Dear Santa…..
Since I have 5 more weeks therapy I’m writing my Christmas list!
Bones, belly rubs and squeaky toys are my requests so far.
Love Moose






I’m Moose and I’m 10yrs old and handsome as can be!
I started my new life with Brookline Lab Rescue about a month ago and I have been busy, busy, busy! I had to learn all about toys that squeak, soft dog beds in all shapes and sizes and foster mom’s resident dogs.
Stella, Harley and I are the best of buds now and even tug and play. moose-tugging-vid


I did have to teach foster mom that every night going into the crate was not my cup of tea. One night I snuck upstairs and went to sleep in those big dog beds in the bedroom before everyone else. I would not budge for cheese or steak and now I sleep there every night…foster mom is a fast learner.
I went to the ortho specialist to get some relief for my legs.  I’m doing water therapy to help those back legs get strong again.
Don’t think because I’m 10yrs old I just sleep all day, I keep everyone here on their toes. I even locked myself in the bathroom the other day! Foster mom had to break the lock, say a bunch of bad words and poof I was free 🙂
This Thursday my water therapy is done and the Doc will check me out. If all is good I will be looking for a new home to hang my Christmas stocking, so make some room on the mantel!
Foster Mom says I’m a big love bug and there is not a mean bone in my body. I now greet everyone in the house with wags and wiggles and when mealtime rolls around I do the happy dance with all the other pups here!
Be back soon,
Love Moosey