Niko, 1 year old Yellow Lab

October 3, 2017

Did you miss this handsome guy?

Niko has proven to be quite a handful for his foster family so we decided it would be best to give him the skills needed to succeed in his new adoptive home.  Introducing.. Private Niko! He is officially registered in doggy boot camp with one of the best trainers in the area where he will learn basic manners. One in particular that keeps getting repeated is “drop it & leave it”  Hmmm..very interesting!

Niko basically has done what he wants when he wants the first year of his life and needs to learn that not everything is his to take !! He is now full grown but still has many puppy behaviors so that will be the main focus during his stay.

Please check back for updates on his progress.

Once he graduates he will be ready to find his forever family. Could it be you ?

September 22, 2017

Introducing Niko.  He is a gorgeous and super sweet 63 pound 13-month old boy that has been with us now for 2 days.  He is a lab and is quite the energetic boy, who still has a bit of puppy in him.  He is really a Lab’s lab!  He was surrendered when his family moved, and was unable to take him along.


Niko loves playing with his new toys, especially his squeaky stuffed toy duck (see that picture) and hard bones.  Basically anything he can chew on!  And he has a wonderful time running around exploring the yard.

Niko is fully housetrained.  We are crate training him now also. Niko is generally well behaved in the house, but occasionally his curiosity gets the better of him, and he wanders by with a sandal or some such item in his mouth.  But, we are working on getting him to take things out of his toy box instead. He absolutely loves playing with toys, and being with his people no matter what we are doing.  His prior owner reported he was good with dogs, and he was also dog tested at the shelter and did fine.

Niko walks well on the leash, though he does gets excited passing other dogs (wanting to run over and play), but is not bothered at all by passing people or cars/trucks.

Niko is still on restricted activity following his neutering (and not at all happy about it!), so not yet available to be adopted, but will be soon, so check back in for updates.  He will make a wonderful addition to an active family that is willing to give him lots of attention and exercise, and help him with his “grown up” manners.

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