Oliver, 10 yr old Black Lab

October 27, 2017

Well it’s the third day after surgery and I’m doing really well and feeling good. I’ve been going for 
short walks and not having any problem peeing or 
pooping. I have completely stopped bleeding from my dental work and FM and FD are really pleased with 
the improvement in my breath. FM says I don’t chase everybody out of the room when I sigh. Don’t see any sense licking the other place they took things away from me so there’s no need for one of those silly 
collars. The foster family thinks that in 10 days or so I’m ready to start meeting people who might love me for just being me. I think I’m pretty hard to 
resist myself. My must haves are a comfy bed, a warm place to put it, good food and nice people. A 
fenced yard would be nice cause I really can’t hear when you call me. That and a ball to chase and I’m 
good. Hope everyone is feeling as well as I do. Bye for now!

October 24, 2017

Home from the doctors and feeling a little rocky.  They pulled several of my teeth and the vet tech told my FD that there was a bunch of dead skin and hair stuck in my teeth. Probably why my breath didn’t smell so good.  I’ll be chasing the ball pretty soon. Oh yeah FD said he try to get me an audition with the boy’s choir as a soprano.  He thinks he’s so funny!

October 24, 2017

Hi everybody! It’s a big day for me today. Foster mom got me up early today and then wouldn’t give me anything to eat.  She said we had to go see the doctor for my dental appointment and to get neutered.  We got in the car and went for a short ride to the doctor’s.  I’ll let everyone know how I’m doing tomorrow or the next day.  Foster dad said this was an important step to get ready to go to my forever home.  Wish me luck!

October 4, 2017

Hi folks! I’ve been in foster care for about 10 days. The foster folks and their dog Buddy have been keeping things pretty low key for me. Today though they took me for my first expedition to the dog park.  Wow! Was I blown away. They actually took me to this place and took my leash off and threw a ball for all of us to play with.  Buddy introduced me to his good friend Cubby who is a white golden retriever. We all got along great and had a good time. I GOT TO RUN! Foster dad took some video of us. Hope you can see it on the blog but it’s on Facebook, whatever that is, he said. Bye for now. I get my teeth fixed and get tutored in three weeks. Maybe that was neutered. Anyway when that’s done foster dad says they’ll be working on a forever home for me.

(Stay tuned for a video of me running! It’s too big for this blog but we will work on getting it up because I am soooo cute)

September 28, 2017

Hi Brookline!!


I’m Oliver- or Oliver Twist as my friends like to call me.  I was taken from a home because I wasn’t being treated to well and ended up at the York County ASPCA. I’m such a placid, calm guy. I really was a favorite of everyone at the shelter, so they knew they had to find me a good home- and that’s how I came to Brookline! They think I’m around 10 but I didn’t have the nicest life so maybe I am younger- I really lost track! My foster dad says I am so kind and gentle and get along with other dogs and don’t care too much about cats. He isn’t sure how I am around kids, but I am so gentle and loving that he said he would guess I’d do just fine.

Foster dad says I did great since my very first night- their resident dog, Buddy, sleeps on-their bed – WHAT a lucky guy! So they set up a  crate for me in their bedroom. But, you know, I am an older gentleman and didn’t love that idea so I barked to let them know. Nice foster mom put my bed right next to her side of the bed. I was happy then! I moved around a few times, but generally slept well. I continue to sleep well — but I do like to jump up on their bed and try to convince foster mom she could sleep on the couch or something!

I’m eating well and going to the bathroom- but I am a quiet guy, so you need to just watch for my cues! I like to go on  short walks, but I am a calm guy so don’t need tons of exercise. Foster dad says my legs are a little gimpy at times. Really, I just love to be near you all the time- if someone would just pet me that would be great. But don’t worry, I’m not in your face and will back up and give you space, too.

A few other things- I am really well behaved in the house- no chewing anything up I like short games like retrieving a tennis ball, but really I just want to be near you.

I need a vet check, but I think soon my foster parents said they will be on the hunt for my forever home!

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