February 10, 2017 Lovely Olivia would like to say hello to everyone!  Olivia is 10 years old and is a beautiful black lab with highlights of brown on her. What a beauty she is!  She is the most active energetic 10 year old I have ever met.  The love she exudes is endless.  She was raised on an Amish farm for 10 years and was bred and used as a work dog.  She had never seen the inside of a house until she came to live with us.  Olivia has made herself at home and has fit right in with our family.  She hangs out with 2 dogs and 3 cats and has no issues with any of them.  She does exceptionally well with children as well.  Whomever adopts her will find that she will fit in with anyone and everyone including kids and pets. Olivia will be getting spayed shortly as this sweet girl has had enough babies in her life.  Her bloodwork came back negative for any health issues.  She does have a little arthritis in her hind legs but nothing a little arthritis medicine won’t help.  She has slight cataracts but you would never know because she can see from quite a distance.  She loves long walks and loves a nice walk on the beach.  Her favorite toy is her Nylabone …she chews on it endlessly. Olivia will make a wonderful companion for a wonderful family.  She has spent too many years as a breeder/work dog and needs a family that will love her unconditionally.  So please open your home to this sweet precious lovely girl……

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