July 9, 2107

From Oscar’s foster family: I picked up Oscar a day or so ago. We drove in the car without issue for about 2 hours. He is a big loveable goofy puppy. I don’t think knows he is 85lbs!! Oscar has been a gentleman with my other two resident Labs. He always wants to play! He is recently neutered so I am keeping his running outside limited until he heals, but after being with us outside all day yesterday, he settled nicely when we came in. He has had no accidents and has gone outside every time we go out. He also walks very well on the harness. We are working on his house manners and getting his muscles in his legs back in shape for better coordination. Poor Oscar was crated most of the day before he came into foster. He has really taken to my 13 year old son. Oscar is like velcro with him…and my son enjoys it!  Stay tuned for more updates to come.             Jul 6, 2017 Meet Oscar the one year old, very handsome male chocolate lab.  He weighed in at a very solid 85lbs. Our big, lovable and enthusiastic goofball Oscar had a big day recently.  He went to get neutered!  He’s sitting here with me now and wants it noted that he firmly disagrees with my choice of punctuation on the previous sentence.  He said I should not have put an exclamation point on that sentence, and it should certainly end in a sad face.  Poor guy!  The big boy handled the procedure well and is currently resting and recovering. Oscar is an awesome dog, but he does have a love of pillows.  He likes to put them in his mouth and shake them. We have just removed the pillows from the couch to make all of our lives easier.  He also likes fabric, as demonstrated by him bringing me the hand towel from the kitchen his first night here.  He happily pranced into the room with it hanging out of his mouth.  Oh, Oscar!  He was pretty good about giving it to me when I asked.  He’s really just a big overgrown puppy! Oscar has been doing great in foster care.  He has become more settled and relaxed during his week here with us.  He is crate trained, and house trained.  He walks very well on leash and takes treats so gently.  He loves toys and seems to favor the soft stuffed ones.  Probably because he himself is a big softie!  He’s very good with them and doesn’t rip or shred them or anything. Oscar is an enthusiastic greeter and is working on not jumping up to say his “hello”.   He is a big lover and we’re so pleased we can help him on his path to his furever family.

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