Raine, 1 year old lab mix

November 21, 2017

Raine has adjusted well to her new foster home. Her last foster mom needed to have
surgery so we were to happy to take in this very energetic and loveable pup. She is
definitely on the young side, I would guess less than one year old. We are working on manners and leash training with Raine. She is a bit of a puller on the leash and I would probably recommend a harness for her until she gets used to any new walking paths.

She is a bit mouthy and quite vocal at times. She loves to initiate play with our resident lab and when he’s had enough she will sometimes bark at him to get him to chase her. We are currently trying a form of diversion training to curb this play barking. By that I mean we are getting her attention, having her go to another room with us, remain quiet and then rewarding her. I can honestly say it is working.

Raine is incredibly smart and learns new routines and tasks quickly. She knows when our children come downstairs in the morning we walk them to the bus stop. She sits nicely and waits for me to put the leash on her and she’s learning to sit and wait at the door until it opens. Raine is currently being crated when we leave the house. She willingly enters her crate and we often find her lying in the crate during the day when we are home. Stay tuned for a video update!!

October 21, 2017

Raine had a fun filled weekend! She went on her very first hike with her foster mom and her new fur friend Sadie. Raine is a great hiking buddy and loves being in the woods. There’s so much to sniff and so much to see! While on our hike, Raine did wade into a swimming hole, but wasn’t too sure about swimming. Perhaps the idea will grow on her over time! We hiked again on Sunday and then on Monday Raine went to work with me and she met lots of people. She did well and didn’t bark at all. Then Monday evening, she went for a jog with foster Dad. She was one pooped pup on Monday evening!

Raine’s manners continue to improve. She still mouths when excited but we’ve seen a large decrease in the jumping up behaviors. She really looks forward to our daily walks and while she’s great at playing fetch, she’s on a temporary restriction from fetch and play dates. She is having some growing pains in one of her hind legs so the vet suggested that she only do controlled walks/jogs this week. Controlled exercise along with some anti-inflammatory medication should be the recipe needed for complete recovery! The vet said her weight right now is perfect – she weighed in at 56 lbs.

Stay tuned for more adventures with Raine!

October 9, 2017

Raine had a big adventure this weekend. We took her to Indiana PA to stay at my sister in law’s house while they were away. She met a goofy Goldendoodle named Rudy and a Lhasa apso named Pip. Raine was a little scared of Pip since he’s so big- she did some excessive barking. Then, Day 2 was a dream, they largely all ignored each other. Raine will keep working on her dog manners!

Some key take aways that we’ve learned in the last 48 hours:

She’s a scaredy cat. Spooks easily on our walks, especially if it’s dark out. Loud truck/equipment noises and she’s trying to get back in to the house as fastnas possible.

She’s not aggressive with other dogs, but does need to learn to take cues better. We will keep working on that- we don’t want other dogs to misconstrue her barking!

She’s definitely cat friendly!

She did amazing with my niece and nephew who are 11 and 9 respectively.

Velcro tendencies are still strong, with no separation anxiety issues (thank goodness!) and still accident free!

-Foster mom

October 4, 2017

Meet Raine! She’s a one year old lab mix. She has been with us a bit over 24 hours now and has been nothing short of perfect. She’s amazingly calm for a puppy and has been learning the house rules and kitty’s boundaries very quickly.  Last night she slept silently in her crate and walked great on the leash this morning. I ran a mile with her tonight and at first she was scared, thought we were running from something, but quickly loosened up and did very well. We’ve got some work to do, she is mouthy when playing and when excited jumps up, but overall, her behavior is great.

One of our first training goals is to work on sit/wait before we enter/leave the house. She has a tendency to dart in/out the door and drag me with her. But, in just a few practice times today, she does seem to be understanding the process, so I’m hopeful that we’ll have that issue solved quickly.

She had her spay stitches removed today. There was one that was grown over a bit; I’ll put some neosporin on it (per the vet’s orders) tonight. I’m hopeful that it heals up with no infections, etc.


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