Remy, 1.5 year old male chocolate lab


Hi, I’m Remy. I am a one and a half year old, chocolate lab. I have been in my foster home for two weeks and now I’m ready for my forever family!

My foster family says I’m super sweet with a very fun personality. I make them laugh all the time with my silly ways. I’m very smart and a good listener. I love people, I wiggle from my neck down to my tail. Kids are my favorite and make me wiggle the most. I am good with other dogs as I live with two other labs. I love to play with them or independently. We have these huge magical trees that drop tennis balls from the sky (black walnut trees). I hear them drop on the driveway and I go running to find my new ball! I could do that for hours!

I am crate trained and do very well there. When I am alone, I like to be crated and I sleep in a crate at night. I have a squishy bed and I get a cookie! I am completely housebroken. I do not have accidents and I do not mark anything! I live with two male dogs and my foster mom thought I’d want to leave my mark here but I haven’t! I’m a very good boy. Very trustworthy and I don’t chew on anything but a nylabone. I’m pretty much perfect, I know this because my foster mom tells me that all the time. And I’ve heard her say that to her friends. Many have asked about adopting me but they aren’t in the Brookline family so that’s no possible. I think my foster family wants me to stay near by because I’m so special.

I have to work on my leash manners…first my foster mom thinks if I had a good harness, I would be easier to walk. But I haven’t had much practice so I need to work on that with my forever family. Because I haven’t had much experience on a leash, I bark at people and other dogs. My foster mom thinks that I can learn not to do that if I were walked every day. Aside from my leash shenanigans, I am a really great dog. I am easy, smart and I listen to my family.

When I was a little puppy I had a cloudy eye that wasn’t properly cared for and I went blind in that eye. When I got to my foster home, I was seen by a doctor that confirmed that my bad eye should be removed. So I am two weeks out from surgery. My bad eye was removed and stitched closed. I’ve only used one eye for most of my life so I’ve adjusted to having one eye. It hasn’t slowed me down one bit, I am just fine with one eye.

I am excellent in the kitchen. I do not counter surf or get in the kitchen trash. I do get very excited about meal time and I love to watch food being prepped but I have perfect kitchen manners!

I love my foster family but now I am ready to find my own family that will be forever. I have so much love to give, I don’t have any special needs or conditions, I will be happy in any home, with any family….but no cats they are not a good match for me.

September 23, 2017

Remy’s foster mama says:

two words…..

happy. tail.

Poor boy has a Frankenstein eye, has been neutered, wearing a cone of shame and now he’s so happy his tail is bleeding….

He’s recovering well and such a happy guy!

September 21, 2017

Remy spent his second day at the vet, waiting for his surgery!  His surgery was later in the afternoon, but thankfully the vet fit him in! He had two surgeries: he was neutered and had his bad eye removed.

This guy really seems to love his foster family already! He was very sleepy when FM picked him up and he did a lot of crying. It was a long night and FM stayed up with him while he slept in between crying. He settled if she pet him or simply rest her hand on him. Otherwise he gave her his paw and cried.

Finally by daylight the big baby boy was ready to sleep! So around 7:30 in the morning, he went to bed for a few hours. When Remy and FM started the day at 9:30 he was ready to follow her from room to room and sleep while FM did the things she needed to. He is such a sweet boy. He is going to make some family very lucky!! He loves kids,  FM thought he wiggled from his belly down to his tail but–the kids make him wiggle from his neck down to his tail!!! He’s very happy with his wonderful foster family despite what he went through at the vet’s!

He’s sleeping well, eating, going outside and all seems to be well as he settles in. He does very well with the resident dogs.  It will be a challenge to keep Remy from playing with his resident dogs as he heals!

Here’s to some rest and recovery for this beautiful sweet boy!

September 19, 2017

Remy has settled in nicely.  First task will be to teach this goofy boy how to walk on a leash! He was wearing a Kong harness which gave me zero control. I’ve requested a bigger Easy Walker so I can start working with him. I sense he has not been socialized as he barks at people and other dogs. We will work on that, given his size, he can be very intimidating to people. But if given the chance, he then wiggles and accepts the stranger as a new friend. He’s really just a big goofball.

He did well at the vet and was happy to ride home in the car. Once he was here he investigated the house and immediately went to work on rounding up all the tennis balls hiding in various places. I think he found 8! He loves the tennis ball but he has selected the ones that squeak as his favorite. He is intrigued by the sound every time and cocks his head, waits a minute and then does it again! Over and over, he will entertain himself with a squeaky ball. Initially he would jump up on the sofa and hide the ball behind my throw pillows, jump down, circle the coffee table and then attack the pillow hiding the ball. It was hysterical! But eventually I had to put a blanket over the pillows to stop the slobber that came with every attack!

He did great meeting Moose and he loves to play with him. Moose is our easy going, non reactive lab whereas Clyde is more reactive and takes a little time to warm to a male foster. They are doing well but still establishing barriers. I’m sure they’ll be playing together in no time.

Remy is blind in one eye and needs to have it removed (but he has already adjusted fine to only seeing out of one eye).  Once that happens and he gets neutered, look for him to become available.