Remy, 6 yr old yellow lab

Nov 12

Remy is ready for his forever family! He hopes to get settled in soon, so he can be relaxed, secure in his new home, and ready to hang with you and your extended family of kids, grandkids, aunts and uncles for Thanksgiving. You will be VERY thankful if you are the lucky family to adopt him.

He will need to continue on his Lyme medicine (pills) until December 6. He also had an ear infection that was treated. He will go back for an ear check this week.

Please send all applications to me at

November 7th

Do you see my trusting face and smile? That picture was taken BEFORE I went to the Vet to get my “newter.” Can you imagine my shock when I checked the dictionary and realized my spelling error??? I was getting a neuter not a newter!!  🙁  @@@$$$###

The other picture is me AFTER my Foster Mom picked me up. I am not a happy boy. 


Nov 4

Remy checking in with you. Yesterday was another busy day. FM says it’s important that I have a variety of experiences while I am with her. She says that will prepare me for my new life with my forever family. I have to say the various experiences are fun but exhausting to me!

FM’s neighbor was an early morning visitor and I greeted her appropriately. She took me for a run around the block to see how I would do. It was fun but apparently I need some more leash practice for it to be fun for her too.

I eagerly jumped into the car for a ride to the bank drive-thru. The lady in the bank and the one in the lane next to us loved me! I was rewarded with two bones. Lucky me. All I have to do is smile and wag my tail and I get bones.

We continued our journey and headed to Petsmart. THAT was an AMAZING place! I got a new ball and new food. I was excited to see the other pets in the store. FM also said I could use some more leash practice. I can’t help that I’m so excited at these new experiences I am being given.

We went home, and I took a long and deep snooze. Then I got to go to the beach! I LOVED it. FM would not let me go into the ocean. I did tell her it is something that I would love to do with my forever family. Hint hint….

I slept some more and then we had a dinner guest. I greeted her appropriately too. She loved me and the 3 of us went on a long walk in the ‘hood. She enjoyed my company so much that she talked to FM about wanting to possibly foster for Brookline.

Nov 2

Hi, It’s Remy checking in. I was sad to learn my family of all my 6 years couldn’t keep me anymore because they were moving to smaller quarters. Little did I know that my life would soon take a different but good journey. Two wonderful Brookline volunteers picked me up, took me for a ride (which I loved), gave me a bath (which was ok), then to the vet for ear medicine (ouch) and care (I was a good boy and got a treat.) Everyone there noticed how beautiful I am and what a good boy. You would think that would be enough of an adventure for one day, but it wasn’t. I went back into the car for another journey. I met another Brookline volunteer who was to be my foster mom (FM). I sadly waved good-bye to my other volunteers and hopped into FM’s car.

We had nice discussions on the way to her home. Then I fell asleep mid-sentence because it had been such a big day for me. Finally, we got home. We went for a nice walk around the neighborhood. I passed a cat and ignored it. I get all excited when I see another dog. I bark and wag my tail. FM won’t let me meet any new dog yet though. She says that will come in time.

FM says I have been a perfect gentleman and will make a wonderful dog for my new family.  We had a couple of visitors and they couldn’t believe that I played fetch like a puppy and then settled down like an old soul.

Oh, one more thing before I sign off for the day. I overheard FM telling someone that I was getting something “new” at the vet next week at 8am. I am so excited to find out what that is. Maybe a new toy, a new treat?????? I will let you know when I find out. I’m sure it will be good.

November 1st

Meet Remy a gorgeous 6 yr yellow Lab looking for a new home. His family had to move into a smaller place and is heartbroken to leave him behind. He is good with kids, dogs and we have been told cats and horses too! 


Remy’s favorite game is fetch the stick which he will do over and over and after that will settle at your feet for belly rubs. Remy lived with a smaller dog and enjoyed playing with the grandchildren when they would visit.

When Remy was 2yrs his front legs were run over by a car. He was hospitalized for about two weeks and recovered fine. His legs have not had any issues since. Due to this accident Remy has scarring from the knees down on the front legs that will not grow hair. The skin is pink and scarred but with his amazing personality and friendliness it is easy to overlook his legs.

 Remy will be available soon for adoption, so check back often. 

Remy sit video Remy treat video