Rico, 8 yr old chocolate male

October 14, 2017

Hi All,
Now that I have all the big ticket health items cleared, I’m working on getting my skin normal. I have has seborrheic dermatitis and while we are not sure of the underlying cause is – they say they’re getting started with some Benzoyl Peroxide baths to dry up the oils. Aside from that, I am just my big, loving, goofy self!  Ever since they repaired my hernia, I’ve been eating like a madman! I am quite ravenous and even have been breaking into the doggy food storage bins in the pantry- I’m a smart guy- they were locked and I figured it out!

I really don’t like the crate at all, but if you can’t supervise me, I need to be kept away from food or other items I might get into! I am much better about people leaving me now, though! I am not barking non-stop and I may whine or bark a few minutes, but otherwise I’m doing well! I really love when they give me a busy type of treat that I can use when people first leave, then I usually just go and take a nap!

Stay tuned for more updates!

September 28, 2017

Drumroll please …..the biopsy results are in and the Dr. stated my mass was removed just in time ! So that means no more cancer for me -Woo-Hoo!!!
We will need to keep an eye on it to make sure nothing comes back but for now we are all ecstatic to hear this news !! Rico would love to take a second to thank everyone who donated to his Amazon Wish List and sent him well wishes.

September 5, 2017

Rico’s surgeries are all complete !

He has healed well and gets his sutures removed tomorrow. Unfortunately, the biopsy results for the mass on his face indicated there were mast cells. However, the mass was completely removed with clean margins so now it is a matter of finding out if it has spread or if we caught it just in time.

Rico is scheduled to have his lymph nodes aspirated and biopsied so please check back for those results shortly.




August 18, 2017

This big boy is finally feeling better ~ he had a bad case of kennel cough but luckily that is all gone thanks to a few weeks of some strong antibiotics (Baytril), a humidifier, honey/coconut oil remedy and even some steam showers ! He was the best patient and is such a terrific, goofy and loving dog.

His surgery is scheduled for next week to address his umbilical hernia, the mass on his face and neuter so keep him in your thoughts for a successful recovery!!

Here is a photo of him with his favorite toy that he carries around – the one and only Brookline handmade tug toy!

July 26, 2017

Meet Rico !

Rico joined Brookline July 22nd after being surrendered at ACCT Philly due to the declining health of his elderly owner.  Poor Rico had no idea what was happening and lost the only family he ever knew. Luckily, he was scooped up and brought into foster care not even 24 hrs later and is adjusting to the change a little bit each day.

Here are a few facts about Rico;

8 years old

Purebred chocolate lab

110 lbs.

GREAT with kids

GREAT with other dogs (big & small)

GREAT in the car


Walks well on leash

Takes treats gently

Does not counter-surf/trashpick

He does have some medical needs to be addressed prior to becoming available for adoption (senior wellness check, neuter & hernia removal) so check back soon on his progress!

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